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Social Justice and the Episcopal Church

he Episcopal Church believes that our call to social justice is rooted in the promises we make in the baptismal covenant. This was addressed at length during General Convention in 2015. The following promises taken from the Baptismal Covenant, found beginning on page 304 of the Book of Common Prayer, challenge us to think about how we respond to the needs of the world in light of those promises.  Read more

LGBT and the Episcopal Church

In 1976, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church declared that “homosexual persons are children of God who have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance, and pastoral concern and care of the Church" (1976-A069). Since then, faithful Episcopalians have been working toward a greater understanding and radical inclusion of all of God’s children. Along the way, The Episcopal Church has garnered a lot of attention, but with the help of organizations such as Integrity USA, the church has continued its work toward full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Episcopalians.  Read more

Ordination of Women

The ordination of women has historically been a controversial issue in the Christian Church. The argument against it is usually that Jesus only had male apostles, and therefore ministry belongs to the male world. Others are opposed because of some New Testament texts such as 1 Timothy 2: 11-15 which speaks of the need for women to keep silent and in submission and also says that a woman is not permitted to have teaching authority over a man.  Read more

Sacraments of the Church

Sacraments are outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace. Remember that! Everyone who has ever gone to Confirmation classes has had to learn that! In other words, using tangible, physical things like water, oil, bread and wine, we experience and come to know the love and grace of our God.  Read more

Lenten Disciplines

The traditional Lenten disciplines are fasting, almsgiving and prayer. Fasting can mean omitting certain meals, certain parts of meals, or certain foods from our diet. But it can also mean the giving up of a behavior or way of thinking which seems to be separating us from the awareness and presence of God.  Read more

What is Lent All About

In the early church, Lent was often the period of preparation for baptism on Easter Eve at the Great Vigil. It is the 40 weekdays and 6 Sundays between Ash Wednesday and Easter.  Read more


The feast of Epiphany is January 6th. The word “epiphany” means “revealing” or “showing forth”. On the feast of Epiphany we celebrate the showing forth of Jesus to the Gentiles, specifically to the wise men of Matthew’s Gospel who are the first to know of his divinity. Epiphany thus proclaims Jesus as Savior of the whole world. God’s salvation applies to all the peoples of the earth!  Read more


Advent is the season of the church year that precedes Christmas. It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. The word Advent means “coming” and refers to the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. It is a season of preparation for the great feast of Christmas.  Read more

Getting More From a Sermon

Just a few suggestions that may help you to get more out of a sermon.  Read more

What Is The Mission Share Fund

he Mission Share Fund consists of contributions from individual parishes and missions in the Diocese of Los Angeles for the collective ministry of the Diocese. Each parish is asked to give a minimum of 12% of their pledge and plate income and each mission is asked to give 10%. What ministries are supported by the Mission Share Fund? Here is a list of them:   Read more

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Emmanuel Episcopal Church

"Walking in Love, as Christ Loved Us"

Emmanuel Fullerton Sanctuary