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Silence is Golden

Have you ever noticed how noisy our lives are? Just spend a few moments listening to the world around you. Sometimes it is enough to make you crazy. And with all of our modern technology, you can’t get away from it. No matter where you go to escape, the cell phone keeps ringing. Even in a campground there is the sound of the generator and the television set in the RV next to you. The trouble with all this noise is that it limits our ability to listen to that inward part of ourselves from which all profound truths evolve. Listening to that inner self, and to the voice of the Holy One within is essential to our continued well-being. And so, many people seek out a silent retreat to expose themselves to an intentional quiet, a place, a time, committed to the practice of silence.  Read more

Confirmation - What Is It Really?

On Sunday May 11th during the 10:00 am service, we will have the joy of a visit from our Diocesan Bishop, Bishop J. Jon Bruno. During the service Bishop Bruno will be laying on hands and confirming those people who have taken the confirmation classes and wish to make an adult commitment to Christ.  Read more

Wind in the Trees

There’s something about wandering around in the wilderness of Lent that often results in new spiritual discoveries. Of course you have to avail yourself of a source for these new discoveries. They don’t often fall into your lap uninvited. Emmanuel Episcopal Church is offering a source for new discoveries each Thursday of Lent. The program is called Wine and Cheese and the Wind in the Trees. What? Wine and cheese at a church you ask. Well, Jesus drank wine. If you ask an Episcopalian about drinking wine they will most likely say quite wisely, “Everything in moderation.” Besides there are other beverage choices for those who prefer a non-alcoholic drink. And what is this about the wind in the trees?  Read more

Signs of the Times

George Hayward was a character in many ways. You may have known him. He was involved in a lot of activities in Fullerton. He loved this city. He was colorful and had more enthusiasm than a roomful of kindergartners. George had a passion for cars. And he also had a passion for his church. It made him crazy that so few people that he met knew about his church. He had found God there. He had found the guidance and peace that he longed for and he wanted everyone else to experience it too.  Read more

The Parachute Group

One of the most helpless feelings in life is to want to make a decent living and to be unable to. We can find ourselves in this position after graduating from college and not finding work, after being laid off in this fickle economy, or discovering ourselves to be in a job that is not providing what we need for the basics of life. At times like this it feels good to know that there is someone who not only understands our dilemma but is willing to offer some sage advice and to accompany us through this challenging chapter of life.  Read more

The Advent Wreath

Where did the tradition of the Advent wreath come from? Actually the origins are uncertain. However there is evidence of the use of wreaths with lit candles by pre-Christian Germanic people, during cold and dark December days, as a sign of hope that Spring would come. As Christians have done throughout the centuries, they saw the popularity of the candle-lit wreath and repurposed it for the church. Sometime during the Middle Ages they began to use it as a part of the spiritual preparation for Christmas.  Read more

To Boo or Not to Boo

It is that time of year again. Halloween is on its way, and with it comes the question of whether or not good Christians should take part in its associated rituals. The reason for the question is that Halloween was once a pagan festival.  Read more

You Don't Have to Check Your Brain in at the Door

There is a misconception out there (which probably comes from all of the publicity that certain segments of the church get) that science and religion don’t mix. It seems that parts of the Christian church are caught up in a conflict with science that began back in the 17th century. It was in the early 1600’s that Nicholas Copernicus and Galileo Galilei published books in which they stated their theory that the Earth revolved around the sun rather than the other way around. The church disapproved of this theory because the Bible implies that the Earth is at the center of the universe and not the sun. Thus the church condemned both men as heretics and sinners. Although Copernicus died shortly after the publication of his book, Galileo was subjected to the Inquisition and spent the rest of his life under house arrest.  Read more

Prayers at heaven's gate include Emmanuel Episcopal's own Wailing Wall

Many of us are familiar with the Wailing Wall, which is located in the Old City of Jerusalem on the western side of the Temple Mount. It is a remnant of the ancient wall that surrounded the courtyard of the Temple in Jerusalem. That temple is believed to have been constructed around 19 BCE by Herod the Great. It was destroyed by the Roman Empire along with the rest of Jerusalem in 70 CE. This remnant of the ancient wall has been called the Wailing Wall, which comes from “Place of Weeping”, the traditional Arabic name for the wall. The name stems from the Jewish practice of coming to the site to mourn the destruction of the Temple, arguably the most sacred site recognized by the Jewish faith, besides the Temple Mount itself. Emmanuel Episcopal Church here in Fullerton has its own version of the Wailing Wall.  Read more

A Place to Grow in Grace

One of the greatest responsibilities young parents face is finding the right place for their preschooler’s early education. Parents long to find a place that is safe, and staffed by people who will love and care for their child, helping the child to develop physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and if possible, spiritually as well. Emmanuel Episcopal Preschool is just such a place. Founded in 1973, the mission of the school is to support families in these endeavors through programs that include active involvement and meaningful experimentation. The program is a developmental one. It is based on the theory that children learn through play.  Read more

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