What Does the Episcopal Church Believe About Stewardship?

To Episcopalians, stewardship is about being grateful, responsible stewards of the gifts that God has given us. This attitude is drawn from the biblical practice of tithing, which means to give back, in gratitude, one tenth of our earnings to God (Numbers 18:26). But we don't think of stewardship as just donating money. We also include the giving of our time and talents.

Here at Emmanuel, our stewardship program is an integral part of our spirituality. People will not come knocking on your door asking that you pledge to the church. Instead we present stewardship as a component of a healthy spiritual life and invite our members to prayerfully consider their giving. Stewardship of time, talent, and treasure flows out of a heart that is open to God's blessings. We encourage people to focus on their relationship with Jesus Christ and we encourage everyone to let that relationship inform how their resources are used and shared. The main point is that a healthy spiritual life is like breathing: we need to receive freely and then to give freely in order to live freely.

If you would like to make a commitment to the finances of Emmanuel, you may do so in several ways. You may call Kathy Palmer, our bookkeeper, at the church office and ask for envelopes in which to place your offering. Once you do this, you will receive a quarterly statement of your account which in turn will help you with your tax preparations. The other way is to go onto our website and set up an E-giving account. If you need help with this, you may speak to our treasurer, Dave Dunlap. Finally, if you would like to give a special gift for a ministry that interests you, you may write a check made out to Emmanuel, with a notation in the memo directing its use. This may either be mailed in, dropped off in the office during business hours, or placed in the offering plate on Sunday.

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