Getting More out of a Sermon

  1. Notice when and why you react to what you are hearing and what emotions you experience,
  2. Take notes. Yes, it is okay to bring a notepad with you and jot down the things that are new ideas to you, that confuse you or sound complicated to you, words you do not know the meaning of, or things that bother you.
  3. Listen for anything that sounds like the good news to you and jot that down.  You are likely to hear the good news especially when the name of Jesus is mentioned. It may result in a physical lightness in you as though you have set down a great burden. It may also result in tears or a feeling of joy. This is normal!
  4. End the sermon by saying “Amen!” Since preaching is mainly the work of the Holy Spirit, honor it by sealing the moment with the sacred word “Amen”, which means “It is most certainly true.”
  5. If you’ve taken notes, read through them later that day or the next. If you have questions or need clarification, don’t hesitate to email or call the person who preached. Consider sharing what you have learned or are thinking about with others, either at home or in a small group at church.


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