What are the Kinds of Bishops in the Episcopal Church?

You may have noticed that there are different kinds of bishops in the Episcopal church and wondered what the difference is in their roles. Here is a brief tutorial on the subject.

Presiding Bishop – The chief pastor and primate of the Episcopal Church. Chosen by all of the bishops from
among their own.
Diocesan Bishop – The primary bishop of a Diocese. Often called The Diocesan or The Ordinary.

Bishop Coadjutor – Person elected to succeed The Diocesan.

Bishop Suffragan – Person elected to assist The Diocesan. Works under the direction of the Diocesan. The Suffragan has no inherent right to become The Diocesan upon the death or retirement of the Diocesan.

Assistant Bishop – Person appointed by The Diocesan (with the consent of the Standing Committee) to assist the Diocesan, working at the Diocesan’s direction.

Assisting Bishop – Person appointed by The Diocesan to provide short term assistance to The Diocesan.


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