Emmanuel 2016 Lenten Series

Exploring God With Us

March 17 - The Rev. Cindy Voien

Gratitude: A Chosen Attitude

Drop in for a lively discussion of what gratitude is, how it "works," why it matters, and whether we can cultivate it. In the company of sisters and brothers, we will listen, experiment, laugh, and grow.

The video of Rev. Cindy Voien's presentation:

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March 10 - The Rev. Paul Sung


Pastor Paul, who leads the Korean church that shares Emmanuel's facility, has had an amazing experience recently of witnessing redemption. The church’s senior pastor was almost killed in a freeway accident with a drunken driver. As a result of the accident, the wayward young man had a life-changing turnabout and came to ask forgiveness of the pastor he almost killed.


March 3 - The Rev. Donald R. Koepke

The Spirituality of Being

Explore the nature of the human experience focusing on the dynamic between being vs, doing. Some of the thoughts of William Thomas MD and Paul Tillich will be shared.

The video of Pastor Don Koepke's presentation:

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February 25 - The Rev. Canon Paul Edwards

Experiencing the Spirituality of EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) has the power to transform lives. It relieves stress, brings Peace and gives direction. The approach provides a model for understanding human and spiritual potentiality. Grace is the unique aspect of EMDR. EMDR works through moving rational thinking feeling into spiritual feeling thinking.

The video of Fr. Paul's presentation:

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February 18 - The Rev. Kathy MacKenzie

Who Do You Say that I Am?

How our images or metaphors for God impact our beliefs about our relationship with God and Jesus

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