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Million Meals

Million Meals – What is it?

"A Million Meals for the Hungry"
This is Emmanuel’s Vision and Goal.

Background Notes: in the last few years a group called Second Harvest has done outstanding work in feeding the poor. They have convinced over 40 large food manufacturers to donate food, i.e. products they can’t sell because of a label change, discontinued item, etc. Also, local grocery stores have joined and give their day-old bread and products that have been dented or slightly damaged. These items are gathered in a Food Bank and made available to service organizations for a small processing fee – 10 cents a pound for food and 2 cents per loaf of bread. Imagine a $2.39 jar of peanut putter for 10 cents and $1.39 loaf of bread for 2 cents! Food Bank figures show that food distributed through them averages just 5 cents a meal! Every $10 you donate to Million Meals purchases $200 worth of food for the poor!

Emmanuel supports each month through Million Meals, a wide variety of service organizations that obtain food for the poor at Food Banks – ESA in Anaheim and Santa Ana, Epiphany Church in East Los Angeles, Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services (FIES), Fullerton Shelter, Project Dignity and others. To date Emmanuel has provided 5,800,200 meals for the poor.


The Million Meals program is funded separately by designated donations. It is not funded from the normal church-operating budget. Make your donation checks out to Emmanuel Episcopal Church and designate "Million Meals" on the memo line.

Million Meals Containers

Special small Million Meal containers are available to save your nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars for our Million Meals program. So as you and your family sit down to enjoy a meal, have your Million Meals container nearby and put in some coins/dollars and share your blessings with the hungry. Bring the containers to church anytime and deposit the money in the big containers at the church entrances.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

"Walking in Love, as Christ Loved Us"

Emmanuel Fullerton Sanctuary