What is the Mission Share Fund?

The Mission Share Fund consists of contributions from individual parishes and missions in the Diocese of Los Angeles for the collective ministry of the Diocese. Each parish is asked to give a minimum of 12% of their pledge and plate income and each mission is asked to give 10%. What ministries are supported by the Mission Share Fund? Here is a list of them:

  1. International and global missions.
  2. Local missions and congregational development (for instance when Karen and Dave Maurer were doing mission work in the inland empire, part of our Mission Share Fund supported that ministry)
  3. Campus and Young Adult Ministries – we have Episcopal ministries at Cal State Channel Islands, Cal State Long Beach. U.C. Irvine, U.C.L.A., U.C.S.B., and U.S.C.
  4. Communication, Public Affairs, and Community Relations – This includes the publication of The Episcopal News, the Angelus (the clergy newsletter), the diocesan website, and the diocesan digital media.
  5. Multicultural Ministries – This includes support of new mission congregations that serve Black, Asian, Latino and Native American congregations, coordinated by Bishop Diane Bruce.
  6. Christian Formation and Youth Ministry – This includes support for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Journey to Adulthood and Education for Ministry, as well as youth training and activities including a trip each year to the Holy Land for the youth of the diocese.
  7. Stewardship and Planned Giving - this includes training and programs to support stewardship efforts at the parish level. This program helped us to create the Legacy Fund.
  8. Ministry Formation and Deployment – Supports a program for discernment, education, and formation for those called to ordained ministry, as well as programs to support clergy who are new to the diocese or are beginning new assignments. It also provides for guidance for parishes that are going through the search process for new clergy.
  9. Social ministries – These programs provide support for ministries in the areas of peace and restorative justice. They include a chaplaincy program in the Los Angeles County hospitals and jails and ministries to those who are disabled.
  10. Schools – Provides support and oversees certification of 36 Southland Episcopal schools, including our own preschool.
  11. Refugee and Immigration Ministries – Includes a new work under way in support of Syrian refugees arriving in Southern California. Provides counseling and support services and includes support for refugees from Iran, Afghanistan, and other troubled areas of the world.
  12. Cathedral Bookstore – provides resources for both clergy and lay people including clothing, liturgical supplies, gifts and of course the latest in theological and educational resources.
  13. Diocesan Retreat Center – The center, which can accommodate up to 28 people, is available for conferences and retreats.
  14. Diocesan Operations Ministries Support – Maintenance of diocesan facilities, tech support, diocesan staff, our three bishops salaries, human resources, which oversees personnel matters for clergy and lay employees in the diocese, and administration and finance which manages the budget voted on at convention .

As you can see, our contributions help to support many wonderful and worthwhile programs through the Diocese. Together, the churches of the Diocese of Los Angeles reach out in many important ways!

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