(Senior Adult Group at Emmanuel)

On the third Thursday of each month, age-advantaged Emmanuelites and friends come together in Havermale Hall for a potluck luncheon and fellowship. The folks who gather for these noontime pleasantries have adopted the name of Senior Adults Gathered at Emmanuel. Cleverly, they identify their maturity-enhanced togetherness by the acronym S.A.G.E.

The agenda of these monthly get-togethers is simply informal. After grace, often led by Father Rob or Mo' Lyn, we fill our plates from the assortment of dishes we have brought to share -- you know potlucks. Then we sit and eat and talk, and go back for dessert and another cup of coffee, tea, or water.Dean

Our "programs" are just as warm and informal. Lee Pischel has been the spark plug for S.A.G.E., and she welcomes all ideas that will help us enjoy this time of visiting and sharing that have brought us together. We have reminisced about remembered holidays, special experiences, and trips we have taken. We have discussed books one of us brought to share. Limericks we wrote had us laughing hard one Thursday. Another time, we shared favorite photos we had taken or were taken of us, or that had special meaning for our family. And Lee often reads something humorous to that she received on her computer.

Mostly, we enjoy visiting with each other. It's nice to spend a little time together, enjoying that feeling of being with friends who like being with us, but we're not an exclusive sort of group. There is no membership, we don't even have to be really old, and we have enjoyed sharing our fun with visitors from other churches. Our invitation is always open, and there is always more food than we need to eat by ourselves. If you have questions, please call Fred & Cheri Collin at (562) 777-9960 or via e-mail at

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