The Search for a New Bishop

Our diocese is preparing to elect a new diocesan bishop. Why and how does this happen? The reason it is happening in the diocese of Los Angeles is that Bishop Jon Bruno is nearing retirement age and is planning to retire in 2018. And so he has called for the election of a bishop coadjutor. A bishop coadjutor is a bishop who serves as an assisting bishop alongside the diocesan bishop, with the right of succession to become the diocesan bishop upon the retirement or death of the diocesan.

And so a search committee has been appointed to find qualified candidates for the position of coadjutor. Clergy and laity from all over the diocese who serve on the search committee began their work in February of this year. A list of their names is available on the diocesan website. Nominees for the position of coadjutor will be announced sometime in 2016. The election is expected to occur during Diocesan Convention in December of 2016.  Delegates to convention are the ones who vote. A candidate must garner the majority of votes from both clergy and lay delegates.


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