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George Hayward

Emmanuel SignGeorge Hayward was a character in many ways. You may have known him. He was involved in a lot of activities in Fullerton. He loved this city. He was colorful and had more enthusiasm than a roomful of kindergartners. George had a passion for cars. And he also had a passion for his church. It made him crazy that so few people that he met knew about his church. He had found God there. He had found the guidance and peace that he longed for and he wanted everyone else to experience it too. So George went on a campaign to let people know about Emmanuel Episcopal Church. He approached the clergy and the lay leaders of the church with his idea. There would be stark black and white signs with a catchy phrase on them to draw attention to the church. He himself came up with several of these eye catching phrases.  The signs would be placed at either end of Valencia Mesa Dr pointing down the street to Emmanuel. You may have seen some of these signs. One that had folks scratching their heads was Two Priests No Waiting. No waiting for what? Well that’s just the point George would say. It will get people thinking about this place and then maybe they’ll come and see what it’s all about.

George Hayward died suddenly in July. It was quite a shock to his church community. And it has taken a while before anyone had the heart to take over his sign ministry. But now after a little time for grieving, the people of Emmanuel have decided that they want to continue George’s outreach to the community. So the signs are going to be reappearing soon in the same spots he placed them. So keep an eye out for them as you travel up and down Euclid or Bastanchury on the weekends. Periodically a new catchy phrase will appear. And imagine George standing next to the signs waving his arm at you, encouraging you to come and experience Emmanuel. It would delight his heart if you did!

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