Wine and Cheese and Wind in the Trees

There’s something about wandering around in the wilderness of Lent that often results in new spiritual discoveries. Of course you have to avail yourself of a source for these new discoveries. They don’t often fall into your lap uninvited. Emmanuel Episcopal Church is offering a source for new discoveries each Thursday of Lent. The program is called Wine and Cheese and the Wind in the Trees. What? Wine and cheese at a church you ask. Well, Jesus drank wine. If you ask an Episcopalian about drinking wine they will most likely say quite wisely, “Everything in moderation.”  Besides there are other beverage choices for those who prefer a non-alcoholic drink. And what is this about the wind in the trees?  In the gospel of John chapter three, Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit and uses the metaphor of the wind. He says “The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

So this Lenten program offers the opportunity to make some new discoveries about the Holy Spirit, that aspect of God that in many ways seems quite mysterious. Each week the program begins with a wine and cheese tasting followed by a lesson taught by the two priests of the parish, Fr. Rob Bethancourt and Mo. Lyn Crow. Then a member of the parish shares stories about the work of the Holy Spirit in their life. This past week Michael Birungi shared his experience of the Holy Spirit in his native Uganda. A radio personality there, Michael used his gifts of communication to share quite eloquently. He concluded with a reading of the twenty third psalm that had everyone in the room mesmerized. The evening ends with some prayer and song accompanied by Fr. Rob on guitar.

If you are ready for some new discoveries this Lent, suffering from spiritual boredom, or just curious, you are invited to join us weekly for the remainder of Lent. We will meet at 7:00 pm each Thursday until Easter in the youth room next to the north parking lot at Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

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