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5th Week in July, 2009
Dear Rob,
Blessings on your week! In the Emmanuel Blurb you will find news about upcoming events, concerns & celebrations, and an Emmanuel picture of the week. Enjoy!
 Photos of the Week
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 Deborah Cantwell sent these pictures in and writes that each summer those who volunteer to teach a lesson for summer Sunday School actually have fun. This past week the children decorated a pair of glasses and learned the lesson that they do not need to fear; that fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. Thanks for sharing Deborah!
  Taize Service next Wednesday at Emmanuel
 Taize, in the south of Burgandy, France is the home of an international, ecumenical community, founded there in 1941 by Brother Roger. The brothers of Taize are committed for their whole life to material and spiritual sharing, to celibacy, and to a great simplicity of life. Today the community is made up of over a hundred brothers, both Catholics and men from various Protestant backgroiunds, from more than twenty-five nations. At the heart of daily life in Taize are three times of prayer together. This pattern of song, scripture, inspirational reading, silence, and prayer is now practiced all over the world. It is this pattern of worship that we will experience next Wednesday night here at Emmanuel. It will be held in the sanctuary, which will be lighted with multicolored votive candles. There will be an opportunity for adoration of the cross as well. Please come and join us as our souls are nourished by this wonderful prayer tradition.

May your summer continue to be filled with times of rest and occasions for restoration!
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly
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