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Fourth Week in August, 2009
Dear Rob,
Blessings on your week! In the Emmanuel Blurb you will find news about upcoming events, concerns & celebrations, and an Emmanuel picture of the week. Enjoy!
Dessert Under the Stars!
 This Saturday (August 29th at 8pm)

 Jeff Strunk
 will be bringing two of his telescopes so we can view the available stars and planets. Bring a dessert to share if you'd like, or just come and enjoy! We'll meet in the back parking lot at 8pm.
Single Service and BBQ Blast!
 This Sunday (August 30th at 9am)

George BBQ George Hayward and Team
 will be BBQing up a tasty selection of delicacies, including tri-tip, chicken, and pulled pork. If you would like to know what side dishes are needed, give George a call at 714-920-9204.

Emmanuelites in the News!

Lauren and Ali

That's our own Lauren Cover in the center, with her sister Ali on the right. Thanks Maria for sending this one in. I hope they won the battle against the robotically rampaging chess pieces!

  A Treasure Trove
of Emmanuel Photos!

Gene Cantwell takes some beautiful pictures of our Emmanuel events. The main online link to his work is:

Here's one from last Sunday!

The Girls

A few of the albums are password protected. Here are the secret codes!

   Burgh-Kent Reception: BKR20060429
   Advent Service December 2, 2007: AS20071202
   Peters Memorial Reception: EmmPeters
   Children's Reconciliation: EMM204
   Halloween Party: HP221
   Newcomer's Luncheom NL409
   Baptisms May 31, 2009  BPT531

May your summer continue to be filled with times of rest and occasions for restoration!
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly
Birthdays & Anniversaries

Bryan Irwin (Marti and Charlie's foster son) will be 12 on August 29th!

Happy Birthday Bryan!

Upcoming Events

It's not to late to sign up for the Women's Retreat (September 25-27). Call Kathy Palmer at 714-917-5132
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