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Fourth Week in September, 2009
Dear Rob,
Blessings on your week! In the Emmanuel Blurb you will find news about upcoming events, concerns & celebrations, and an Emmanuel picture of the week. Enjoy!
A Mimi Kinda Day
A reflection by Patty McDaneld

(Patty had asked Roger if she could share this at Mimi's memorial service, but we ran short of time, so we wanted to include her tribute in this week's Blurb.)

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My friend Mimi had a way of transforming an ordinary day into something special. When I'd see Mimi, I'd find new courage and hope; I'd find a new appreciation for the world and the people around me. You see, Mimi loved blue skies and flowers and music. When Mimi saw a puppy or kitten or especially a small child, she would give it her complete attention and she would make a sound of total appreciation: "Aaaaah!", and her eyes would begin to twinkle. Even Santa's eyes couldn't twinkle as pretty as our Mimi's. And when Mimi would hear a Bible passage that especially spoke to her heart, she would close her eyes and say, "Mmmm!", which meant she was just marinating in it. And then she would open her eyes with a big smile of appreciation. And Mimi loved her husband Roger. "My Roger", she called him. She especially loved sharing Sunday services at Emmanuel with him. Those were some of her happiest times. You see, Mimi loved the Lord with her whole heart, and she wanted to share this love with her beloved Roger. All this love and appreciation she shared with the people around her and made it what I called "A Mimi Kinda Day". At Emmanuel, during the passing of the peace, I'd embrace Mimi and say, "Aaaaaah! It's a Mimi kinda day!". And you know, it was. Thank you, Mimi!
Sally Stebbins Needs a Ride!

If you live near Sally and could give her a ride to church on Sunday mornings, please give the church office a call at 714-879-8070. Her address is: 10708 Claridge Pl. in Whittier (right on the border between La Habra and Whittier).

Photo of the Week

Lyn Saved 

Isn't that reassuring? This is a screen shot of the diocesan computer's response after registering for the Forum for Suffragan Bishop Nominees.

However, that other clergyperson received this message:

Rob Not Saved

Fortunately for him, he remembered that it is not our errors that determine our salvation, but rather the grace of God through Jesus Christ. So ... eventually he was saved, as well. :)

May your fall adventures be glorious!
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly
Upcoming Events

You're in for a treat and a retreat if you've signed up. Women's Retreat is this weekend and Men's Retreat is next week!

Fr. Paul's Class
3D Spirituality!
 Fr. Paul will be leading a class on three dimensional spirituality Sunday evenings at 5pm through October 18th. Y'all come!

Dinner Groups
Time for sign ups for another year of dinner groups. If you were in a group this past year we will assume you want to remain in for another year unless you let us know differently. If you were not in a group this past year and would like to be, please sign up with Fred or Cheri Collin at church, call them at 562-777-9960, or contact them by e-mail at
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