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Thanksgiving Edition!
Fourth Week in November, 2009
Dear Rob,

Happy Thanksgiving! May you be blessed with a grateful heart! To help with that intention, we've included some of our own reasons to be thankful from just this past week alone!
We are thankful for ...

  • A beautiful altar display created by Debbie Andreff


Look at all that bounty!
  • Thanksgiving also, for Fr. Paul who will celebrate a Thanksgiving Day Eucharist at 10am
  • Jen Wagner who completed her three-day walk for breast cancer this past weekend.


And ...

  • The inspiring Million Meals presentation by our new coordinator, Raul Alvarez.

  • A successful sale of beautiful handmade articles for the African Team Ministries, coordinated by Maureen Burton and Holly Hopper. ($746 was raised!)
  • All the new people that the Lord is bringing to Emmanuel. (Mo Lyn handed out 10 newcomer packets this past Sunday alone!)

  • Our wonderful choir director Georgia Atkins and for Warren Knape who recruited a number of young people for the Christmas Choir!

  • Successful surgery for Betty Jo Brown. She's on the mend!

  • The beautiful and encouraging love that was shared with Emma Lynch this past Sunday.

  • For all the wonderful ways that the people of Emmanuel are living out the gospel in the world and bringing the love of Christ to those who need it!
May your Thanksgiving adventures be glorious!
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly
Upcoming Events

Churchville: Emmanuel Style will not take place this Thanksgiving night, but will continue next Thursday
at 7:30pm. The next session will be about the Episcopal Church. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

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