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First Week in December, 2009
Dear Rob,
Blessings on your week! In the Emmanuel Blurb you will find news about upcoming events, concerns & celebrations, and an Emmanuel picture of the week. Enjoy!

Abundance Blessing this Sunday!

Pledge Card

This Sunday will be our annual ingathering of pledge cards. Remember this is just between you and God, so there is no need to sign them. Take some time to pray about what the Lord is calling you to do this coming year. Then just fill out the percentage and dollar amount and you're good to go! We will have a special prayer of blessing for financial health for you. (It occurred to me that we have no hesitation in praying for physical health, so why not financial health!) May the blessings abound!

Photo of the Week

Elias in Shades

Who is this incognito member of Emmanuel? To find  out more about this young lad and other significant parish stars, come visit our Wednesday morning Eucharist at 7am. Afterwards we breakfast at Coco's where the conversation can range from Art to Zoology, and the boy in the shades is always entertaining.
May your Advent adventures be strengthening!
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly
Upcoming Events

Churchville: Emmanuel Style Continues tonight at 7:30pm. This session will be about the Anglican and Episcopal Church. Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!
Y'all come!
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