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Second Week in February, 2010
Dear Rob,
Blessings on your week! In the Emmanuel Blurb you will find news about upcoming events, concerns & celebrations, and an Emmanuel picture of the week. Enjoy!

Lent is Coming!

Mardi Gras

Next Tuesday we will end our Epiphany journey with a wondrous and wild Shrove Tuesday Mardi Gras celebration. This will include the traditional pancake supper, followed by a pancake race for the kids and a musical procession outside to bury "Hallelujah". (During the penitential season of Lent, we will not be saying "Hallelujah" until the glorious celebration of the Lord's resurrection at Easter, so we bury a sign that says "Hallelujah" as a symbol of our entrance into Lent.) Mardi Gras is french for "Fat Tuesday" and is another name for the Shrove Tuesday tradition of eating up all the fats and sweets in the house before Lent, which begins on the following day of Ash Wednesday. During the forty days of Lent, we remember Jesus' forty days in the desert where he struggled with Satan and integrated the blessing and power of the Holy Spirit which was given at his baptism.

Shrove Tuesday will be February 16th at 6pm and Ash Wednesday services will be at 7am, 10am, and 7:30pm. Each service on Ash Wednesday will include the imposition of ashes (as a sign of our mortality) and communion.

Lenten Truth!

Lenten Banner

During the Thursday nights of Lent we will be meeting in the church to share stories of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. Each week we will focus on one of five themes: Trusting, Returning, Understanding, Transforming, and Healing. Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn will each share a personal story and then open it up to those of you who would like to share your own God stories.  In the biblical tradition, truth is not just a propositional statement, but a living reality. What a beautiful opportunity to be blessed and encouraged by the witness to God's truth--experienced and shared.

Photo of the Week

asdBill Donoghue, one of our new Vestry members, is encouraging us to hear the Band of the Irish Guards. He says, "Although the 'admissions by invitation' date has passed; there are still tickets available beginning at $30 per, through the ticket office of the philharmonic.   Seating will probably not be the same as the "by invitation" seating, but should be very good."

Irish Guards
May your remaining Epiphany adventures be enlightening!
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly
Upcoming Events

Fr. Paul's series entitled Managing Life in Difficult Times finishes tonight!
Other News

Name that Garden
Kathy Palmer would like folks to send in their name suggestions for the community garden to her email:

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