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First Week in March, 2010
Dear Rob,

We hope your Lenten Journey is going well. Here are some gifts that might deepen the experience or lighten the load. :)

I Just Don't Understand, Or do I?

Lenten Banner

We will continue our Lenten journey with the theme of Understanding. How do we grow in understanding? How can we learn to hear the voice of God, discern the vision of the Lord for our lives, or respond to the nudges of the Holy Spirit. If you have a story of an "AHA!" moment (or would like to have more of them!) come join our merry band around the virtual campfire. This is a wonderful opportunity to do something significant for your Lenten commitment. Come and join us in the SHACK room at 7:30pm.

Photo of the Week

Edmond Boys

The Edmond boys (Jacob, Joe, and Andrew) send their love! Please keep the Edmonds in your prayers as they settle in after a challenging transition back to New York.
God is blessing you now!

May your Lenten journey be holy and blessed!
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly
Upcoming Events

Shack will be getting back together after Easter. Most everyone is singing in the choir right after church which is when we meet.
What about March 28th , a Friday night for a Teenage Night out? Let me know if there is a conflict. If not I will plan a fun time for the older gang. ~ Kathy Palmer

Other News

Name that Garden
Kathy Palmer would like folks to send in their name suggestions for the community garden to her email:

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