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Sixth Week in Easter, 2010
 Dear Rob, 

Blessings on your ongoing Easter season journey!

Name that Parishioner!Ronnie
The fortunate ones who took the bus trip to Descanso Gardens were served by a friendly Emmanuel Tours Attendant named Ronnie (AKA Ron Suich, statistics professor and former Mr. Universe). Proof that truth is definitely stranger than fiction. ;) Thanksgiving for Dr. Ron and his wonderful work in coordinating these excursions and for the creative ways he has for insuring increasing attendance. Fortunately, no wardrobe malfunctions occurred during this performance.

           Christian Snails at Emmanuel

Christian Snails

Emmanuel is definitely a magical place. A white dove appeared on our overhang to greet Easter guests. Owls serenade evening visitors, and now we have proof that even our snails are special. If you look closely at the section of the sidewalk photographed after last Sunday's service, you will see a snail trail in the outline of a fish. The fish (or Ixthus) was an ancient Greek acronym for "Jesus, Christ, God's, Son, Savior". Pilgrims would often draw this symbol on the ground to let those in the know recognize their Christian identity. Proof positive that even our snails are proclaiming Christ!

Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly

Upcoming Events

this Saturday at 2pm! Especially for those who worked or attended the last two Cursillo weekends, it is also open to anyone who needs a little "Ultreya!" (Onward!) encouragement in their walk with Christ.

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