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Fifth Week in Pentecost, 2010
 Dear Rob, 

May our freedoms be celebrated!

Happy Birthday America!


Happy Birthday America! On Sunday we will celebrate two hundred and thirty four years of liberties purchased for us by the sacrificial service of our founding fathers and mothers. For over two thousand years people have celebrated the glorious freedom in Christ that has been purchased for us by the sacrificial love of our savior Jesus. For all our freedoms and liberties--physical and spiritual-- let us give deep thanks to God!

3D Spirituality!


Emmanuel is offering summer sessions on "Solving Problems Three Dimensionally" lead by Fr Paul. The sessions will be held July 14, and 28, and August 11 and 25 starting at 7:30 PM to 9:00.  Bring your issues, an open mind and discover new solutions to old problems.

Photo of the Week

Photo Booth

How many Emmanuelites can fit into a photo booth? Well ... here is one answer to that question. :) For extra credit, name those Emmanuelites!
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly


Gold Rush Days collection continues this Sunday! Bring any gold or silver you no longer use. asd
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