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October 14, 2010
 Dear Rob, 

Enjoy the new happenings at Emmanuel!


The garden is ready to grow!

It was a very productive weekend - 14 installed garden beds. These are the beds we had applications for. The gardeners will start to set out their plants this coming weekend. Be sure to stop by and see how our garden grows.

We will begin taking applications for the remaining plots in December. In total we will have 43 beds so yours is just waiting for you.

Questions? Contact Lorra and Gordon at 714-525-5578,, In the month of November contact Fred Colin at 562-217-5317,

Bunnies and Beetles and Snakes
Oh MY!

Mo Lyn got her wish of many years. She blessed  a snake at this year's Blessing of the Animals, held in the St Francis Prayer Garden last Saturday. .And not just any was a ball python belonging to Alex Moran. The snake's name is Serenity and she really is quite friendly. Word has it that Mo. Lyn and Serenity were heard speaking in Parseltongue. She also blessed a pet beetle, a bunny, a beautiful white cat and a good number of dogs all of whom behaved themselves exceedingly well.  St. Francis would have loved it!

A Note From Lazarus!
Recently we had an amazing miracle in the congregation, as Jeff McDaneld went from death's door to out the door (and home) in three days. After going through surgery for appendicitis, he was in septic shock, unable to breathe on his own, unconscious and in crictical, unstable condition. After the saints gathered to pray for him he made a miraculous recovery which the doctors are still scratching their heads about. Here is a message from Jeff.

I wanted to thank everybody for their support while I was in the hospital and since my discharge from the hospital.  Even in my sedated state I felt the love and sensed something extra had happened. I knew that I would come out of this intact. Patty brought in a picture of some Emmanuelites that gathered on Thursday to pray for Patty and me. This confirmed a feeling I had of this support. Patty and I will always remember and have great gratitude.

Jeff McDaneld

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Emmanuel Episcopal Halloween Celebration
Friday October 29, 2010
Food, games, crafts and fellowship
Questions/Volunteers: Contact Jen Wagner

Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly

Date Change
Newcomer Luncheon will be held on November 7th at noon. Great opportunity for those who are relatively new at Emmanuel to meet some new friends, enjoy good food, and find fuel for your faith!
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