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October 28, 2010
 Dear Rob  
As we approach All Saints day on November 1, may the saints--past and present--be honored!
Fr. Rob

Halloween Party this Friday!

Halloween Party

Will you be one of the favored Emmanuelites to see Beth Jahncke dressed up as a chicken?
Read this invitation and find out!

There's an Emmanuel Halloween Party on Friday, Oct 29, 5:30pm to 8:00pm. I'm going to dress as a chicken ( not scary) preview to LA Zoo trip. I don't know what Robert is wearing, but I'm sure it'll be fun. Come have fun with us and the kids. For questions or to volunteer contact Jen Wagner . Hope to see a bunch of you there, Beth Jahncke. 
Emmanuel Episcopal Halloween Celebration
Friday October 29, 2010
Food, games, crafts and fellowship
Questions/Volunteers: Contact Jen Wagner

Single Service at 9am

Followed by BBQ

This Sunday!

galley girls

Come join George and the Galley Girls this Sunday after our single service at 9am. The Covenant Players will be performing, Emmanuel Preschool will be celebrated, and our Awesome God will be worshipped during this wonderful combination of spiritual and physical nourishment!

Another Emmanuel Miracle!
Thanks be to God!

Sitting in the pew, I had a vivid picture spontaneously come to my mind of my lower right leg coupled with the phrase "like it never happened." This was strange because all ultrasound evidence, which I saw with my own eyes 6 weeks ago, was that I had Deep Venous Thrombosis blood clots (DVTs) that could move up my leg into my lungs, heart, brain, and kill me. I know how real this can be because I comforted the widow of a colleague of mine who had this happen to him and I didn't want others to have to comfort my wonderful wife should this happen to me.  So it surprised me that this phrase, "like it never happened," was just there out of nowhere while I was sitting quietly in the pew gently welling up from some deep place within me that wanted me whole spontaneously, clearly, without fear.  It contradicted everything I "knew" from seeing the ultrasound result myself, like a "knowing" of some other reality that calmed my fear, a "knowing" I didn't manufacture, work up, or wish myself into believing was true.  So it was with even greater surprise and joy that, for no apparent reason, my DVTs just disappeared on  my repeat ultrasound last week.  DVTs are "expected" to persist for 3-6 months and now they were gone in 6 weeks.  Imagine that!  From what happened to me, I can only continue to be still with a heart full of gratitude breathing quietly in the pew and imagining what "knowings" are welling up in others around me their "knowings" wanting them to be whole again... "like it never happened."  Can you imagine that?  I can! ~ Paul Dobies

Opportunity for Ministry
Only One Hour a Week Will Make The Difference In The Life of a Child - Maple Elementary School needs volunteers to tutor children on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30pm. You will be paired with a child to work on their homework in the school library each week. There are hundreds of at-risk children that need one-on-one help and not even a dozen tutors to help them. Maple Elementary School is located on the corner of Lemon and Valencia in Fullerton at 244 East Valencia Drive, 92832.  If you need any information or are interested in helping, please contact Elizabeth Massey at (714) 323-4905 or email at
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly

Thanksgiving for the life of Jerry Smith
Those of you who have been around Emmanuel for a while will remember Jerry Smith. He and his wife Marilyn moved to Arizona sometime ago. Jerry passed away last Tuesday at the age of almost 92! Thanks be to God for this faithful servant of Christ!
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