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March 3, 2011
As we grow close to the ending of our Epiphany season, may God's light continue to shine in your heart and mind, revealing God's presence and great love for you.
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  

       A Sunday Morning Thanksgiving! 

Hi Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn!
I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and assistance given to Joanie in church yesterday. Al came and got Jeff and I for Healing Touch d/t the severe pain she was experiencing. Jan and Gary came over and offered medical suggestions and then Jan also placed her hands on Joanie and began to pray. Then Warren and Doris came over with the annointing oil and Al annointed Joanie's forehead and gave her a blessing. Then Warren and Doris added their hands and prayers. Then Jan brought Mo. Lyn over to distribute communion to Joanie and Jeff/Al/Patty and added her hands and prayers. The amount of Spiritual Power was amazing! Joanie reported a lessening of her level of pain and was able to tolerate walking to her car for the trip to the ER. The Prayer Warriors are alive and well at Emmanuel! Praise God!!!
[P.S. Joanie was at eucharist on Wednesday and is feeling so much better. ~ Fr. Rob]
Photo of the Week
 Emmanuelites in Virginia

Kathy Palmer rendezvoused with Dorothy and Paton Marshall along with Sue Daniels at a diner in Virginia recently. I was able to chat with them as they awaited their meal and had a wonderful conversation. They send their love and blessings to all their friends at Emmanuel! ~ Fr. Rob
Fr. Rob and Mo. Ly

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