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March 24, 2011
May your Lenten journey be filled with the direction, strength and comfort of the Holy Spirit!
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  

Next in our Lenten "Tools for Transformation Series"

Lectio Divina

(Divine Reading)


Suzanne This week in our Sunday Lenten Series, Suzanne Kaisch will be leading us in the practice of Lectio Divina. 


Lectio Divina is an ancient and very powerful way to pray. As Suzanne writes, "Building on the two previous classes, this week's class on Lectio Divina is another form of contemplative prayer.  While Lectio is also a receptive form of prayer, it is a bit more active than Centering Prayer and a bit less active than Praying in Color.  In this prayer form, we open ourselves to God's action in our lives.  We'll read a very short passage from scripture, then sit and listen to hear where God desires to lead us.  Lectio Divina is a wonderful way to hear God speaking to us today."


Last week a participant gave thanks for this series and commented on how wonderful it is to be able to explore different ways of praying. Indeed! What an opportunity to deepen or revive your relationship with God! Come give it a try this Sunday at 5pm!


Coming Soon to the Garden Near You

Emmanuel Community Demonstration Garden - A Place to Grow


Successful Weekend!!


Thank to all the helpers for our garden work weekend was a big success.We accomplished more in 2 days than we thought we would in 3. However, we still have some work to do. This Saturday, starting at 9:00 Fred Colin will be leading a crew to build the remaining 6 - 28" beds. Once this is done all of the beds in the main garden will be completed.


We have two more relative easy, but time consuming jobs to complete - putting compost on some of the beds and spreading wood chips around the beds. The compost is the final layer of our no dig gardens and the wood chips keep the weeks down and help to keep our feet from getting muddy while we are gardening.


If you are coming to help please bring your tools, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. We DO NOT need any more newspapers. If you have questions please call Gordon and Lorra at 714-525-5578 or email


Blessings on you and your growing!



Upcoming Events


 Memorial Service:

for Earl Romine will be this Saturday (March 26) at 2pm.


Sunday Lenten Program: Lectio Divina led by Suzanne Kaisch. 5pm in the SHACK room.


Tuesday Relationship Series:

Understanding Each Others' Feelings, led by Fr. Paul, 7:30pm in the church.


Easter Choir:

Sunday practice: 12 to 1pm.





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