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March 27, 2011
May your Lenten journey be filled with the direction, strength and comfort of the Holy Spirit!
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  

Next in our Lenten "Tools for Transformation Series"

Walking the Labyrinth


Kid's on labyrinth This week in our Sunday Lenten Series, Beth Jahncke will be leading us in the practice of walking the Labyrinth. Here is her invitation:


"Continuing the series about tools for transformation, there 's walking the labyrinth. A labyrinth is a meandering path that travels from the outer edge around and turning and around again and again til one arrives at the center. There is only one path to follow. It is yet another way to quiet ourselves in order to listen to God and/or know God's Presence. This is a prayer/tool that's even more active because it involves the movement of your body as you follow the path. Walking the labyrinth can be great for those of us with 'party-line' internal diologue, those of us who like to control, and those looking for peace. It's another way God opens His arms to us.


I'll be talking a little about its history, the different types of labyrinths, its uses and afew stories and pictures. Then we'll walk our own labyrinth at church. So with this in mind, please wear flat shoes and comfortable warm clothing. Bring a journal."


Beth Jahncke


Upcoming Events


Sunday Lenten Program: Walking the Labyrinth led by Beth Jahncke. 5pm in the SHACK room.


Tuesday Relationship Series:

Understanding How to Change Our Feelings, led by Fr. Paul, 7:30pm in the church.


Easter Choir:

Sunday practice: 12 to 1pm.





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