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May 6, 2011
May this Easter season be filled with signs of the resurrection and the promise of eternal life. May we encounter the risen Lord along the road and have our eyes opened in the breaking of the bread!
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  
Thanksgiving for the Life of Ernie Seymour 

Ernie Seymour Thanks be to God for the life of Ernie Seymour who has been a faithful member of Emmanuel for three decades. Ernie has served as layreader and chalice bearer, vestry member, and has hosted with his wife Helen the monthly Early Birds home group for about as long as they've been at Emmanuel! I can't think of Ernie without seeing the twinkle in his eyes and his infectious smile. Such a source of insight and humor--often at the same time! I will miss him deeply. 

Ernie died of complications resulting from an emergency appendectomy. He was 88 years young. Mo Lyn and I were able to pray with him as he was getting ready to leave this life. He died yesterday, May 5th in the afternoon. For someone who loved the Episcopal Church because of (for one thing) the freedoms we have been given in thought and expression, I can't help but wonder if he chose Cinco de Mayo as the day of his homecoming on purpose!

I am working with Ernie's family to plan a graveside service and then we will have a memorial for Ernie in a couple of weeks. Please keep Helen and the family in your prayers. It would probably be good to hold off on phone calls for a while, but I'm sure that cards and prayers would be appreciated.

May his soul and the souls of all the departed through the mercies of God rest in peace.
With gratitude for Ernie and the gift he has been to us,
Fr. Rob

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