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May 12, 2011
May our eyes be opened in the breaking of the bread and our hearts be opened in the sharing of God's love!
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  

Holy Week Pictorial Reflections

Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil 

The Light of Christ has come into the world! 

Asher and Kathryn
In this picture, Asher and Kathryn (two of the triplets baptised at the Easter Vigil) are undoubtedly saying, "Wasn't that so cool!"

Easter Girls
Here Joanna, Lauren, Allison, and Simone show in their smiles some of the joy we experienced on Easter. One little girl visitor said, "This is the best Easter ever!"
Silent Retreat Coming Soon!
The following is a reflection by Kathy Eppick

Kathy's Art

Silent Retreat - Finding a Quiet Space

When I paint I sometimes get into "the zone" where everything's working, time slips by, and I am able to paint those "sighs too deep for words". Sometimes I forget to eat or take a break because I'm so focused on the painting. That is the reason that I needed to work on this painting during the Silent Retreat. A very dear friend had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August and in June I still had barely started my project. I needed to complete my painting for Nancy before she died. I knew it would be hard to do, the beginning of saying good bye, but I needed to do it. So I took the photographs I needed, my paper, paint, and brushes, and headed to Santa Barbara.

The Emmanuel group met that evening chatting, finding our rooms, and eating dinner together. Then our silence officially began. That evening in a small library I worked on the drawing until I was satisfied. On Saturday morning after Lauds and breakfast, I set up on a big table out on one of the porches. Throughout the day I painted, cried, prayed, ate, and painted some more. The rhythm of the short worship times, meals, and Emmanuel meetings gave me the breaks I needed to work through the painting. Lyn gave us "assignments" that entailed focusing on one sense for a while and finding what we could discover through that one sense. So I roamed around using that one sense then went back to painting. Even while painting, I would still focus on that one sense every now and then listening for the brush on the paper or the smell of flowers. No one interrupted me but many of the Emmanuelites knew what I was working on and I felt the support.  By Sunday I was almost finished... in the stage where I stare at the painting tweak something then walk away for an hour before tweaking something else.

I was able to deliver the painting to Nancy within a few weeks. She was able to enjoy it for several months before she died in early December. In late November I wrote one last letter to her knowing she was likely dying soon and I found myself repeating what I had already said. When I chatted with Lyn about the experience later she pointed out what a rare thing it was... Nancy had died and I had nothing left to say to her. It was all complete.

The painting was a big part of my being able to say good bye completely. The quiet space that I found was exactly what I needed to complete the emotional project as well as the actual painting. The rhythm of the weekend gave me the breaks I needed for the intense project and the silent support I had gave me strength to complete it.


Emmanuel's Silent Retreat will take place this year in Santa Barbara on May 20-21. Contact Kathy Eppick for more information. 



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Thursday, May 19, at noon in Havermale Hall.


Memorial Service for Ernie Seymour:

Sunday, May 22, in the church at 6pm. Reception to follow in Edwards Hall.








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