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May 19, 2011
How blessed we are by the loving companions God has given us on our Christian journey. May we treasure each special moment that we have been given.
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  
Memorial Service for
 Ernie Seymour 

Ernie Seymour Thanks be to God for the life of Ernie Seymour who has been a faithful member of Emmanuel for three [correction: FOUR!] decades. Ernie has served as layreader and chalice bearer, vestry member, and has hosted with his wife Helen the monthly Early Birds home group for about as long as they've been at Emmanuel! I can't think of Ernie without seeing the twinkle in his eyes and his infectious smile. Such a source of insight and humor--often at the same time! I will miss him deeply. 

The Memorial Service for Ernie will be held on Sunday, May 22, at 6pm in the church. There will be a reception following in Edwards Hall. Ted Jones and Nancy Kent will be reading and administering communion. Ernie and Helen's children, Jan and Mark, will be sharing as they are able, and Ernie's two grandchildren, Robbie and Melissa, will bring up the bread and wine for the Eucharist.

Please keep Helen and the rest of the family in your prayers. What a beautiful family and an ongoing legacy of love and and service that Ernie has left for us.

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob

An Easter Resurrection Story
(via an email from Marge Curtis)

Hi Fr. Rob.

It was a joy to once again spend Holy Week at Emmanuel.

Last April (2010) I had a virus that just hung on forever.  After the
virus, I was not able to sing.  I would try, but my throat would hurt and so would the ears of anyone listening.  What formed in my mind as beautiful notes, came out as croaking sounds.  God seemed to be saying "Just keep singing", so I did.

On Easter morning as I was singing, I noticed that I was not croaking.  As a matter of fact, I was sounding pretty good!  Although I will not be singing any solos any time soon, I can once again sing praises to my King! Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!

Perhaps, one day soon, I will be singing like Cindy   ;-)  !


Prayers for Minako
In the Loss of Joji

I was so saddened to hear about the recent death of Joji Kamimura, who--along with his wife Minako--have been frequent visitors to Emmanuel in past years. Joji especially, was active in the Wednesday Morning group for several years. Joji and Minako were also very active in the L'Arche ministry of Wavecrest. I would like to ask for your prayers and am including her address in case you would like to send her a card. The following is an email she would like to have shared with those who knew Joji.
Fr. Rob

Dear friends,

With heavy heart, I bring to you the news that my beloved husband, Joji, went to be with the Lord this past Friday, May 13th. He has been battling depression for several years and his suffering was great. I know that he is resting and at peace.
We are holding a small family only service on Wednesday this week as family have gathered from all over the world. I am surrounded by family, so in very good company right now. Leina and the baby girl #2 in the womb are doing well. They are a strong source of my strength and hope.


Love, Minako

 Minako Kamimura

 21345 Norwalk Blvd

 Apt 110

 Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716



Upcoming Events



Today, May 19 at noon in Havermale Hall.


Silent Retreat:

This weekend (May 20-22) at St. Mary's in Santa Barbara. Theme: Living a Mystical, Magical, Musical Life in Christ.


Memorial Service for Ernie Seymour

Sunday, May 22 at 6pm in the church. Reception to follow in Edwards Hall.





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