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May 26, 2011
How blessed we are by the loving companions God has given us on our Christian journey. May we treasure each special moment that we have been given.
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  
One Lord, One Faith

galley girls A reminder that we will have a single service this Sunday, May 29th,  at 9am, followed by another mouth-watering BBQ. A big thanks to George Hayward and all the helpers who assist in making these barbeques such a success. What a great opportunity to make new friends, deepen the friendships you already have, and enjoy delicious food. One stop shopping for inner and outer nourishment!
Lunch with a Dinner Group
(Emmanuel adventure from the files of Nancy Kent)
Palmer Dinner Group

Saturday, 5.21 at 10:15AM.
Our group, the Kent's, Anderson's and Teresa Hockenberry (her first train ride), took the train from Fullerton to Union Station, Los Angeles

During the initial journey I chatted with a lovely lady, Maria. Got her entire family history which I found fascinating. One of nine, no mother raised by the father, a railroad worker for 26 years. A single parent of five, Maria worked 2 and 3 jobs. Every child a college educated, professional. Once we arrived Maria led us in the right direction to enter Union Station. (See attached photo)

After we met our hosts and exited the station we passed by Maria. She saw the sign Kathy was holding (See attached photo) and asked if Emmanuel was our church. Her eyes lit up. Wearing a huge smile she said, "They didn't know what to name my first grandchild. I said name him, "Emmanuel, God with us."

The journey continues-
Kathy and Walter welcomed us and from start to finish proved to be superior hosts. Their apartment is lovely, just the right amount of room with wonderful views from every window.

There were interesting, very helpful strangers along the way.Some talked to us and to themselves. They and the Palmers taught us how to get to Hollywood Forever (an iconic cemetery) "take bus #4." Also, Kathy made fast friends with someone via cell phone and with phone calls along the way this person provided support for our bus travel. We used the term bus #4 several times that day...whether  appropriate not. Got a problem, question or concern? Bus #4.

There was a lot of walking, seemed like we chased a bus or two, chatting, story telling (remember we were with the Palmers) and laughter. We rode back towards Union Station via the Red Line...a first for our troop and a great method of travel.

Our day wrapped up with lunch at Philippes, home of the French Dip sandwich. They have been in business for 100 years with the same family operating the concern.  Coffee in house is 9 cents! I  speak for myself when I say, that was THE best French Dip sandwich I've ever consumed. The coleslaw and lemon meringue pie were first rate as well.

We walked back to Union Station via Olvera Street, made a quick stop to sample churros (sp?) sweetened rolled, deep fried (I think) pastry,  one filled with wait for it......caramel and the other whipped cream. All but me sampled the two confections. There were sighs and oh my goodnesses exchanged all around.

As promised Kathy and Walter escorted us back to our train on time. We bid the P's a fond farewell and headed back to Fullerton. Upon arrival as we departed the train I suggested to complete our journey we might look for bus #4. My suggestion was met with, Oh sure, Yeah right and a couple under-the-breath comments that weren't quite clear. Anyway hugs all around and good night. We departed for our respective homes (5:30PMish)

Things I learned: (1) I had a personal lesson on How to conduct oneself when using public tranportation. Where to look and where not to look while in a bus or on the Red Line. Saw quickly of course some amazing tattoos and piercings. While at Philippes I noted that Ken Anderson received unsolicited instructions from a perfect stranger, Been eatin' here for 50 years, on how and where to properly stand in line. 

I asked the unofficial line director what was good here. He replied, Only order French Dip and a coke....for 50 years.

(3) After observing the head stones and mausoleums at Hollywood Forever Cemetary Kathy mentioned, "This is a good place to see what kind of hair dos were in style." Yes there were sorta life like images carved into the granite. Further Kathy noted, Or to select names for your children.

(4)Also, interesting thing about the bus drivers, sometimes they stop at designated bus stops and sometimes they don't.
To sum up- It was an adventure I am thrilled to have had and I plan to have another in the near future. After all there is Chinatown, a more thorough visit to Olvera Street and a return to Philippes.

Thank you to Kathy & Walter Palmer for a most eclectic experience.   
Nancy J. Kent 

Photo of the Week
Double Rainbow
Here is a photo taken with my iPhone from the Emmanuel parking lot. The storage shed has never looked quite so lovely. :) ~ Fr. Rob


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Single Service & BBQ:

This Sunday, May 29th, at 9am.


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Friday, June 3rd, 5:30 to 8pm at Emmanuel. The church is invited! 


Bus Trip to Exposition Park:

June 4th from 9am to 4pm.







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