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August 11, 2011
May God continue to bring you rest and re-creation during this glorious summer season. For those on vacation, have a safe and wonderful trip and come back to us soon. We miss you!
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  

Sukuma Wiki
  Fr Arthur's Garden

Sukuma Wiki is Swahili for "to push or stretch the week" and also the name of a dish made of greens which Kenyans  prepare to help them make it through the week when food is scarce. Father Arthur Toro, who spent some time here at Emmanuel before being assigned to Church of the Holy Communion in Gardena,  is from Kenya. And so he has named his plot here in our community garden Sukuma Wiki. The orange basket you see in the picture has been attached to his plot so that other gardeners may drop off any excess crops for Arthur and his family. We are so blessed to call Fr. Arthur and his wife Jane our friends. Here, in part,  is a note we received from him this week:


"We harvest our greens every week to 'push us for a week.' To the people of St Emanuel (sic) you all are good people, pass my love to them all."


Fr. Toro


Photo of the Week
  Finn and Matt

  Fr Rob and Cindy are in Brooklyn, New York, visiting their son Matt and his wife Lisa, and their beautiful grandson Finn. He is celebrating his first birthday this week and is going to be baptized. Welcome to the Body of Christ, Finn! 

Upcoming Events


A Study in John:

Invitation from Fr. Paul ~
The assignment is to read one chapter of John each day not for content but for spirituality. The class will be held Sunday Evenings at 5 PM. Bring your Bibles.

L'Arche Wavecrest Putting Tournament and Taco Dinner:
August 13, 4:30pm at Golfer's Paradise. (See flyers on cart for details.)


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