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August 18, 2011
May God continue to bring you rest and re-creation during this glorious summer season. For those on vacation, have a safe and wonderful trip and come back to us soon. We miss you!
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  
women's retreat
Wouldn't You Like To Come?

Sign-ups are being accepted now for this year's Women's Retreat which will be held at Verdugo Pines Camp in Wrightwood, September 23-25, 2011. The theme this year is Discovering and Celebrating Our Passion. The program, which will include an opportunity to take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, will be led by 

Ginger Cash M.F.C.C., who is a gifted teacher and discussion leader. The cost is $140.00. Questions? Call Kathy Eppick 562-972-2776. The sign-up sheet is on the communications bulletin board. Come join the fun, discover your passion, and make new friends.

Photo of the Week
 Mary's painting

  This is a painting of a lodgepole pine that Mary McCarthy did while at the women's retreat several years ago in Verdugo Pines. You never know what passion you may get in touch with this year at the women's retreat!


And a poem Mary wrote while up there in 2009.....


did you ever have a friend as beautiful as the night sky?


dark velvety smoothness

with jagged edges

it's a shimmering milky way of madness

your black hole pulling at

my deep buried sadness


never ending but not empty

then heavens declare

glories and praises

comfort and care


the morgue cold earth

a cradle for my back

not for death but for birth

blinking alive in the black


the universe a blanket

woven from a single thread

a swaddling of starlight

and pillow for my head


alone but not lonely

listening to nothing at all

no ghetto birds buzzing

no throbbing city noise


the theory of silly string

now amusingly real

in silence and darkness

I'm learning to feel


river blinded eyes

found the power of sight

riveted by stardust

breadcrumbs of light

tossed across high above

a sure highway home

walking in faith

educated in love.



Upcoming Events



Today August 18th 12 noon in Havermale Hall.


 LEV Training

August 27th 9am-11am at Emmanuel. Contact 

Nancy Shively 




An evening of reflection to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11. September 10, 2011 

7:30 pm Los Angeles City Hall.


Women's Retreat

September 23rd-25th Verdugo Pines. Contact Kathy Eppick 562-972-2776



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