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September 15, 2011
 Dear Gene  
As we see the multitude of ways in which the people of Emmanuel are bringing the light of Christ into our community and out into the world, we are truly grateful!
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  

Million Meals Ingathering 

This Sunday! 



 Can you buy a meal for 7 cents? Million Meals can, and you'll see how this Sunday! Please bring your containers of loose change, bills, and/or checks made out to Emmanuel and earmarked for Million Meals. Through Second Harvest Orange County Food Bank and Los Angeles Regional Food Bank those pennies, nickels, and dimes will go directly to charities such as Project Dignity, Orange County Elderly Services, We Care, Los Alamitos, and Epiphany Episcopal Church. You will see their letters of gratitude.


Janis Holmberg




SAGE - 2011

The SAGE group (Senior Adults Gathered at Emmanuel) meets every third Thursday of the month in Havermale Hall at noon for lunch and levity. All who have reached this level of sagacity are invited!



Special Notice 

for Women's Retreat


Everyone going to Women's retreat needs to take the test on this link (or contact Ginger to get a paper & pencil version). They should bring the ONE page PRINTED description that goes with it. (Note: it is unlikely someone will be able to get internet access by way of iPhones from Verdugo Pines so it should be  PRINTED). There are links to additional information that Ginger does NOT need. I  was thinking since it's free it might be fun to make it available to anyone who wants it through the Blurb. The site is   Thanks,Kathy  


[editors note:  Use the "Jung Typology Test" at this web address.]  


 Photo of the Week  


FrRob and Fiona

Photo Title: Clergy Counsel

(Although we're not sure if the clergy is counseling Fiona, or Fiona is counseling the clergy.)


Upcoming Events



Today at noon in Havermale Hall. Bring a dish to share!



Be sure to bring your containers or checks!


Women's Retreat

September 23rd-25th Verdugo Pines. Contact Kathy Eppick 562-972-2776

See notice in this issue!



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