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September 29, 2011
 Dear Gene  
As Catechesis of the Good Shepherd resumes this Sunday, our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of you who helped out this summer for the children's program. Thank you so much for giving our catechists a break and our children your love and wisdom.
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn  

 Catechesis of the 

Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd


 Catechesis of the Good Shepherd resumes this coming Sunday, October 4th!


This program is an amazing way for children to both learn about God and also get to actually experience God's presence. Our catechists have spent hundreds of hours being trained to teach our children and provide the environment for them to grow spiritually. They present Biblical stories, hands on experience with the liturgical treasures seen in church, and time for prayer and contemplation.


As we resume our fall program, here is a reminder of all the Sunday School opportunities: Toddlers up to 3 years are in the Nursery (Good Shepherd Building north of the playground). 3 - 6 yrs are in the Bethlehem Atrium (Havermale Hall), 6 - 9 yrs in the Nazareth Atrium (Good Shepherd Building), 9 -12 years are in Edwards Hall (parish hall) and teenagers will continue in the SHACK room (Good Shepherd Building).


How fortunate we are to have so many dedicated people involved in helping our young people grow in Christ!


 Congratulations to 

Minako and Family!

Minako Leina and Julia
















Here is a note from Minako, who with husband Joji attended Emmanuel and added musically and spiritually to our community.



Dear friends and family,
I am so pleased and proud to announce the arrival of my second daughter, Julia Sachiyo Kamimura. 
She was born Thur Sep 8th at 4:52pm
6 lbs 9.4 oz, 18 inches
a very healthy and beautiful girl has been added to the family. Big sister Leina is so happy and excited. 
My Mom helped me throughout the labor and delivery and even cut the cord! She also took great photos, so please take a look when you have a chance.

We are so thankful for this new phase in our lives. Thank you for your friendship, love, support and prayers thus far. We give thanks for you in our lives.

Minako, Leina, Julia & Kamimura & Hata family


 Photo of the Week  


Emmanuel Candle


This photo, taken at Emmanuel by Dan Cash, beautifully captures the Light of Christ that is frequently seen around this place!

Upcoming Events




Resumes this Sunday!



October 15th, 12:45-3:45pm at Emmanuel. Fr. Rob will be speaking on EFT and WHEE--simple approaches for removing stress, easing pain and encouraging healing.


Million Meals Followup!

Many, many thanks to all those who donated pennies, nickels, dimes,

quarters, currency, and checks to Million Meals. Between Sunday, September 18, and Sunday, September 25, parishioners donated $569.23. (That's approximately 8,132 meals for the hungry!) With food banks low, your generosity will help families in real need.




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