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January 5, 2012
 Dear Rob  

Tomorrow is Epiphany--the day we celebrate the journey of the wise men, their adoration of Jesus, and the journeys and divine epiphanies in our own lives. May this Epiphany season be graced by divine appointments that reveal more of God's light and life!
New Year's blessings,
Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn

 Celebrating Epiphany at Epiphany on Epiphany

Our sister Parish                          

Tomorrow at 5:30 pm we will leave the parking lot at Emmanuel for our annual trek to our sister parish. the Church of the Epiphany in Lincoln Heights.We have been sister parishes for over 30 years. Epiphany is one of Los Angeles' oldest religious structures. When it was built in 1887 the majoirity of the parishioners were Anglos, but Native Americans, Italian immigranta and Latin Americans all have come to worhsip over the years. The church strongly supported Cesar Chavez, the famous leader of social and political action, and hosted farmworkers protesting for equal rights when they needed a place to rest. Chavez spoke in the church that welcomed Latinos with mariachi music and a mural of the Magi as three Aztec kings. We are looking forward to worshipping and sharing a meal with our friends again. Come and join us. It is always a heart-warming experience.  

 Photo of the Week

cross and jacaranda 

We are so grateful for Gene Cantwell who records all of the events at Emmanuel with his camera. Here is a shot of the jacaranda tree on the front lawn in full bloom with the cross on the cupola in the background. Beautiful!!

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On Friday, January 6, we will travel to the Church of Epiphany for Epiphany!

Leaving Emmanuel at 5:30pm. Service at 7pm.





















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