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January 12, 2012
 Dear Rob  

May your Epiphany journey be filled with new insights and revealing, healing light.
With gratitude for you,
Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn

Voices of Women in the World

a women's retreat for Deanery 9 and 10

Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce                          

Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce will lead the women of Deaneries 9 and 10 on a day retreat, January 21, from 8:30 until 2pm at Trinity Episcopal Church in Orange. There will also be several workshop opportunities that include offerings on the Labyrinth, Body Prayer, and Choral Worship. It is promised to be "Prayer-filled, Hope-filled, and Practical".


To find out more, click on this link: Women's Retreat


[Note: Emmanuel is one of twelve churches that make up Deanery 9 where Fr. Rob is the Dean.]

 Photo of the Week

Breakfast Group 2 

A little peek into the life of the Wednesday Morning Breakfast Group. After Eucharist every Wednesday morning at 7am, a group of us head over to Coco's for a little food and fellowship. All are welcome!

Upcoming Events



Saturday, January 14. Leaving the church at 9am and returning around 4:30pm.



January 29, beginning at 9am. Giving thanks for 2011 and vision for 2012!






















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