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February 9, 2012
 Dear Gene  

We love all the beautiful ways that y'all live out our Emmanuel mission to "walk in love as Christ loved us". Here are some ways to help in that journey.
Epiphany blessings,
Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn


A Christian Journey


This coming Sunday at noon, Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn will begin a very engaging series called "A Christian Journey". Some of the topics to be covered include:


Your Spiritual JourneyJourney

The Great Commission

The Baptismal Covenant

Spiritual Maturity

Prayer, Bible Study, and Action

What does God want from me?

Spreading the Good News

My Life's Mission




This is based on a beautiful video series developed by the Diocese of Texas. It is perfect for anyone who would like a refresher course in Christianity, or wants to be renewed in their faith. We will have prayer, video, discussion, music, and sharing. The classes will be held each Sunday morning after the 10:00 am service beginning February 12th and continuing until April 1st. They are open to all who want to grow in their faith and are especially intended for those who would like to be baptized or confirmed in the Spring of 2012. Bring along a sack lunch or something to tide you over and join the journey!





Transforming Pain to Gain

a part of Deanery IX's "Wellness and Spirituality" Series


Sheffra WilliamsSaturday, February 18, 2012
Presented by Sheffra Williams

Host: The Rev. Carolyn Estrada

Church of the Messiah

614 North Bush Street

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Healthy Snacks: 12:45 

Program 1:15-3:45 pm


In this highly interactive workshop, Sheffra uses the power of storytelling to transform the physical and psychic "pains" in our lives into advantages.  As she says, "when you change your narrative, you change your life - even though the facts may remain the same."  With a session that is "99 percent audience participation," as Sheffra works with us to develop our stories, we'll experience the transforming power of a "told" story.  As she explains: "Storytelling is all about the importance of having someone listen to your truth, then share the meaning it made for them.  What the listeners see in the story frequently includes strengths about the teller that the teller does not even see".


(The next presenter in this series is our own Dr. Dobies! Click here for a list of the whole series: Wellness and Spirituality)


 Photo of the Week

Lorra and Gordon 

What in the world is that thing that Gordon and Lorra are touching. (Hint: In the world of "animal, vegetable, or mineral" it seems to be vegetable.) 

Upcoming Events



Tonight, February 9th, 7pm at Emmanuel!



For Louise Maulorico on Friday, February 10th, 2pm at Emmanuel.



Sunday, February 12th, in Edwards Hall after the 10am service.



(Confirmation Class)

Sunday, February 12th, in the SHACK room from noon until 1:30pm. (Classes go from February 12th through April 1.)



February 18, at Church of the Messiah in Santa Ana, from 12:45 until 3:45. 



Sunday, February 26 in Havermale Hall after the 10am service.






















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