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March 1. 2012
 Dear Gene  

Our Lenten journey together has begun! Here are some continuing opportunities for growth in Christ.
With love in Jesus,
Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn


Soup, Salad, and the Holy Spirit!



Bev Simmons

Our theme this week will be "Fall and Redemption".  We will look at how we have fallen short of the one we were created to be and are redeemed by the sacrificial love of God in Christ. Bev Simmons will be sharing this week about the power of God in her own life that has led to 30 years of sobriety.


Each evening in this series will begin with a soup and salad bar followed by prayer and praise songs, an introduction of the evening's topic, a witness talk by one of our parishioners, small group discussion, and a closing prayer and song.


The class topics include Creation and Creativity, Fall and Redemption, Receiving the Holy Spirit, Nurturing Life in the Spirit,

Ministry-Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts, and Miracles-Stories of the Kingdom. The program will be an updated and contemporary version of the Life in the Spirit seminars that were so popular here at Emmanuel a number of years ago.


Come join us in the SHACK room to hear stories of Emmanuel, to grow, be refreshed, and to feel more deeply connected with this wonderful community of Christians. 


 Photo of the Week

Wayne and Sue 

Greetings from the Daniels!
Kathy and Walter had a chance to visit Wayne and Sue during an East coast visit. Judging from those smiles, they must have had a great time together!

Upcoming Events





March 1 at 6pm.

Witness by Bev Simmons



March 1, 6:30 pm at the Seymours



(Confirmation Class)

Sunday, March 4, in the SHACK room from noon until 1:30pm. (Classes go from February 12th through April 1.)



Service of simple chant and quiet contemplation. First Wednesday of each month.

March 7 at 7pm.























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