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Emmanuel Family NewsMarch 22. 2012
 Dear Gene  

The Lenten sharing on Thursday nights has been so beautiful. Hope you get a chance to come tonight!
With love in Jesus,
Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn


Soup, Salad, and the Holy Spirit!



Dave Dunlap

Our theme this week will be "Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts".  We will look at how we can continue to grow in the power of the Holy Spirit by exercising our spiritual gifts. Dave Dunlap will be giving his witness this week and sharing about the amazing story of Project Dignity. As a free part of this week's class you will receive a spiritual gifts inventory! This is a great way to find your unique spiritual gifts.  Come join us and be part of a life-changing event!


Each evening in this series will begin with a soup and salad bar followed by prayer and praise songs, an introduction of the evening's topic, a witness talk by one of our parishioners, small group discussion, and a closing prayer and song.


The class topics include Creation and Creativity, Fall and Redemption, Receiving the Holy Spirit, Nurturing Life in the Spirit, Ministry-Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts, and Miracles-Stories of the Kingdom. The program will be an updated and contemporary version of the Life in the Spirit seminars that were so popular here at Emmanuel a number of years ago.


Come join us in the SHACK room to hear stories of Emmanuel, to grow, be refreshed, and to feel more deeply connected with this wonderful community of Christians. 


 Photo of the Week

Joy and Ted 

Special Birthday Treat! 
Last Thursday was Joy Jones' birthday which she celebrated by coming to the Lenten program. Not quite peeled grapes, but Ted is doing the next best thing by feeding her a little snack food delicacy.

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March 22 at 6pm.

Witness by Dave Dunlap



(Confirmation Class)

Sunday, March 25, in the SHACK room from noon until 1:30pm. (Classes go from February 12th through April 1.)



Saturday, March 24, 8:15-3pm. Campbell Hall, 4533 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood

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Tuesday, March 27, 7pm in the church.

























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