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September 27. 2012

As we lose dear friends at Emmanuel, we realize how precious each moment is and how beloved you all are.
Blessings and much love,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn

 Thanksgiving for the Life of Carl Pischel

Carl and LeeCarl went to be with the Lord last Friday, September 21. Lee and the family had gathered around Carl and I was asked to come and pray with him before he died. It was a beautiful time of prayer and thanksgiving and blessing. We were able to surround Carl with love and help bring him peace for the journey.


Carl was a longtime member of Emmanuel, as far back as the YMCA days. He has served on Vestry, shared in home groups, ministered through the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, and celebrated at SAGE gatherings. He will be deeply missed.


The Memorial Service for Carl will be Sunday, October 7 at 3pm. There will be a reception in the parish hall afterwards.


Please keep Lee and the family in your prayers.


May his soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


With love in Christ,

Fr. Rob


 Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the AnimalsAs we approach October 4, the feast day of St. Francis, we will begin celebrating his love for all creation by asking God's blessings upon our pets. All are welcome! We've had dogs, cats, hamsters, hermit crabs, snakes, bunnies, and a variety of other critters. What a beautiful way to give thanks for our animal companions and the loving role they play in our lives.


Blessings of the animals will be on Saturday, September 29th at 5pm. Feel free to invite your friends!


 Single Service Spectacle

St. Francis and the Wolf  

St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio


In keeping with theme of St. Francis and his love for creation, there will be a reenactment of the taming of the Wolf of Gubbio by St. Francis at the single service this Sunday. This is a spectacle you definitely want to see in person! Afterwards there will be a wonderful BBQ and a petting zoo. Invite your friends, bring the grandkids. It will be a wonderfully refreshing time! This Sunday, September 30th at 9am!!!

Walk and Be Well

 Walk and Be Well Program Begins October 1


[This is an opportunity that is being given to clergy who have participated in CREDO--a clergy renewal program, but we wanted to extend the opportunity to you! ~ Fr. Rob]

Jesus spent much of his ministry walking. From town to town across Galilee, Samaria and Judea, he walked and talked, in the company of his disciples, his followers and God.

CREDO's Walk and Be Well  offers a way to follow Jesus both in words and action, with a walking program attuned to both body and soul. For four weeks beginning October 1, CREDO will provide daily Walk and Be Well reflections in both text and audio that can motivate, encourage and educate you on the benefits of walking and help you commit to 28 days devoted to better wellness. You'll begin your daily walk with a reflection from one of three CREDO writers and faculty members: Jackie Cameron,  Elizabeth Moosbrugger or Bill Watson. Each writer starts and finishes his or her reflection with the same scriptural anchors, but along the way approaches walking from a unique perspective. The entire series weaves together a very broad and holistic look at health and wellness.

Reflections can be downloaded as podcasts, streamed from the CREDO website and printed as PDFs; use them while walking solely or share them with your walking partner or group. And if you would like to receive your daily reflection by email, just sign up and we will send it to you in the early morning.
Walk and Be Well begins on September 30, with an introduction from Jackie Cameron. October 1 begins the walking days, which continue through October 28.  The distance and pace is up to you. 


Upcoming Eventsl.



In the St. Francis Garden on Saturday, September 29 at 5pm.



Starting at 9am on Sunday, September 30th

St. Francis Celebration!



Wednesday, October 3 at 7pm.



Sunday, October 7 at 3pm.



10am: Prayer & Thanks

10:30: Bible Study

11am: Communion



7pm: Meditation Group



7am  Prayers and Communion

8am Breakfast at Coco's


































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