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November 8. 2012

As we leave All Saints and journey into Thanksgiving, may we give thanks for the people who have touched our lives, and pray that the legacy they have left behind will continue to inspire and strengthen us.
Blessings and much love,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn

 Thanksgiving for the Life

of Judy Maxwell


Judy Maxwell

 After five years of battling illness, Judy went to be with the Lord this past Sunday night. For much of this time she was confined to a bed, but her spirit was radiant and her ministry enormous. (The picture to the right is from a time before her illness, when she arrived at church with purple hair in celebration of the Lakers!)


Wednesday morning at Eucharist we read the gospel of the widow's mite, and how Jesus honored a person who, although she had little, gave with sacrificial generosity. Judy has been that example to me. Although she had little in terms of physical health, she gave mightily through her devotion to the Lord, her prayers for others, and her loving presence. When Mo Lyn and I would visit her with guitar in one hand and communion in the other, we found her room filled with a radiance I had felt in the Holy Land, and our times of worship with her and Loren were unforgettable treasures. 


We will be celebrating Judy's life on Saturday, November 17, at 2pm with a reception following. She had asked that it be joyful, and no suits! (She loved to come to church in jeans and a t-shirt.) Also, in lieu of flowers, they would like donations given to Emmanuel or to Caring Bridge.


May her soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen  



 Thanksgiving for Garden Giving! 


Summer GardenLooks like the dream of having an arbor in the Emmanuel Garden will come true sooner that we thought, thanks to a special donation by Pam Spaulding, Bob and Leona's daughter-in-law. Pam wanted to give a memorial to honor her grandmother, Jessie Cardiff, who was a member of Emmanuel years ago. (By the way, it was Jessie who invited Bob and Leona to come visit Emmanuel. See what difference an invitation can make!) Keep your eyes open for new developments in the "north 40"! Thanks be to God!



 Photo of the Week

Emmanuel Banner   


It's official! The Emmanuel Banner has been spotted on Commonwealth in front of the library and across from the new Community Center. The winner of the contest, Jen Wagner, submitted this photo as proof of her claim. Congratulations, Jen!

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