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November 21. 2012

In great sadness I grieve with you in the knowledge that Blake Wagner has departed this world. With deep gratitude I treasure with you the gift he has been. With heartfelt love I join with you in the faith that he is with the Lord and those who have gone on before us, experiencing life to the full.
With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn

 Tearful Farewell 

to Blake Wagner

  Blake Wagner


I can still hardly believe that he is gone. Blake Wagner, son of Jen and Simon, and brother to Michael and Allie suffered cardiac arrest on Monday and was rushed to St. Jude's. He had no previous history of heart problems and was a very active fourteen year old. The doctors believe that he would have died instantly were it not for his athletic condition. Because he had gone for quite a while without oxygen, he had extensive brain damage. When Mo Lyn and I visited Blake and the family on Tuesday at Kaiser Sunset where he had been transferred, Jen told us that she and her husband Simon felt that it was time to let Blake go. He had been neurologically unresponsive for many hours. We prayed for God's best for Blake--whether a miraculous recovery or a peaceful journey to be with the Lord. Blake left this world later that day. It seems that his body was just too damaged for a healthy return.


I am astounded at Jen's strength and peace, and would ask that you continue to pray for God's presence to be with them all in powerful ways. Although this is a devastating time, they are experiencing God's support. Jen spoke of her gratitude for the time that Blake was able to spend with them. Your prayers have made such a difference to Jen and her family. They have felt your love and prayerful support. Thank you so much for your faithfulness.


The memorial service for Blake will be on Sunday, December 9 at 5pm. I also want to spend some time at the 10am service this Sunday to both grieve and be together in love and support as the Emmanuel family


Also, Jen really appreciates all the offers for meals. They will be in Temecula with family for Thanksgiving and Friday is covered, but they could use some help with dinner for the next week.  Deborah Cantwell has created a Lotsa Helping Hands location for us under "Emmanuel Helping Hands". You can contact her at if you would like to provide a dinner and she will give you the instructions. 


As Thanksgiving approaches, I am thankful for the amazing ways in which you all share the love of Christ in such powerful and practical ways.


With love in Jesus,

Fr. Rob

P.S. I am thinking that Jen and her family would like some space now to be together without a lot of interruptions. What might be good would be to forego phone calls or texts that need a response, and simply email or send a card that expresses your love. Jen feels a certain sense of "God rightness" even in the midst of this, and would probably like help in celebrating what a wonderful, remarkable, and amazing boy Blake was.





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