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April 18, 2013

May the Holy Spirit bless your journeys through Easter season as the risen Christ meets you along the way!
Much love in Jesus,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn


 Congratulations to Kat and Christopher!


Christopher and Kat 


Kat Jenson and Christopher Robinson were married in a beautiful ceremony at Chapman Chapel last Friday. (Chapman Chapel, by the way, was originally Trinity Episcopal Church, Orange and is 103 years old.) You can see their love of things Victorian and their love for each other. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless them in their married lives together. Congratulations!!!


 Bless Day on Saturday!




BLESS Day on Saturday, 

April 20 - 8 am to Noon


We have work to do in the Emmanuel Community garden between now and our big church wide celebration in September. If you can spare an hour or two to help us in the garden on Saturday your time and effort will be most appreciated.



If you come please bring:

Gloves, hat, water

Tools - shovels, rakes, hoes, weed whacker, etc

Wheelbarrows - especially needed


Come join us and discover what a blessing our garden can be. Questions? Call Lorra and Gordon at 714-525-5578.

Photo of the Week
What happens when girls play hooky from church?

Mary Jane and Patty   They get thrown into the stocks!


Actually, Mary Jane and Patty had already received communion twice this weekend and gave so much of their time and energy that we gave them special dispensation. :) Here they were "captured" at the Renaissance Faire. 


Upcoming Eventsl.



Thursday, April 18 at noon.



Saturday, April 20, 8 am until noon.



Saturday, April 20, 10am until 2pm. Our spot is near the Fullerton Museum!



Saturdays at 9am in Havermale Hall.



10am: Prayer & Thanks

10:30: Bible Study

11am: Communion



7pm: Meditation Group



7am  Prayers and Communion

8am Breakfast at Coco's

































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