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March 6, 2014
 Dear   ,    
May your Lenten journey be filled with God's gracious presence and may you experience ever deepening streams of peace and freedom in Christ.
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn

 Lent 2014

                Holy Spirit



Wine and Cheese 

and the Wind in the Trees


Emmanuel's Lenten program this year promises to be lively and spirited. The focus of the program will be a deeper anointing of the Holy Spirit. Each week's gathering will begin with a wine and cheese tasting and will include a teaching by Fr. Rob and Mo. Lyn, a witness from someone in our Emmanuel community, followed by some worship and prayer. The topics for each of the weeks include, The Wind Blows Where it Will, Fresh Air, Wind Wind Blow on Me, Deeper Currents, Wind Screens, and Soaring on the Updraft.  The classes will be held at 7:00 pm on March 6, 13, 20, and 27th and April 3 and 10th. Mark your calendars now and plan on joining us! First class starts tonight!
  • The Wind Blows Where It Will - Michael Bahinyoza
  • Fresh Air - Wendy Steger - March 13 
  • Wind, Wind, Blow on Me - Kelli Edwards - March 20 
  • Deeper Currents - Ronnie Moore - March 27  
  • Windscreens - Nancy Kent - April 3  
  • Soaring on the Updraft - Karen Carr - April 10




Lenten Offerings by Fr. Paul


A (VLF) Virtual Labyrinth Facilitator training session will be held at Emmanuel Church, Fullerton 8 March from 10-12. Facilitators learn to walk and lead health care patients in a virtual healing walk. Learn about VLF on 
email or call Fr. Paul at 714 879 6436.
Also, Fr. Paul has put together a wonderful set of Lenten reflections that help us distinquish the difference between grace and legalism, and give us some scriptural foundations for this life-giving understanding. You can download the teachings here: Fr. Paul's Lenten Reflections

  Photo of the Week

Cross at Sunset
This awesome photo was taken recently at Point Loma by Katherine, a granddaughter of Ted and Joy Jones. What a perfect way to begin our Lenten journey and a reminder of the glory to come!

Upcoming Eventsl.


Thursday nights at 7pm
SHACK room.

Led by Fr. Paul
Saturday, March 8 
10am to noon.
Edwards Hall

Sunday, March 9
noon in the SHACK.


Saturdays at 9am in Havermale Hall.



Parachute Group (support for those unemployed)

7pm Havermale Hall



10am: Prayer & Thanks

10:30: Bible Study

11am: Communion



7am  Prayers and Communion

8am Breakfast at Coco's 



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