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January 8, 2015
 Dear   ,    
Happy Epiphany! May God's revelations and insights fill your heart and guide your steps. During this Epiphany season there are numerous and wondrous ways to follow God's star. May the adventures continue!

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn+

Important Habitat for Humanity

Message from Bishop Diane


Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce has sent out an important letter to all Orange County Episcopalians. Following up on an initiative presented at our recent Deanery Assembly by Sharon Ellis, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity, OC, she urges us to participate in this significant ministry to veterans. To read her letter, please click here: 

Habitat for Humanity

Mark your calendars: A Habitat work day for Orange County Episcopalians has been scheduled for Saturday, January 10. To express your interest and get detailed information, please email


Our Emmanuel liaison for Habitat for Humanity is Marti Edmonds. You may contact her at: 607-760-4015 or


Emmanuel Night at the Movies


 Join us for Emmanuel movie night on Friday, January 30, 6:30pm, for the Oscar-nominated comedy "Life with Father"! Set in 1885, it's the witty, heartwarming story of a successful Wall Street stockbroker, his doting wife and their four red-haired sons.  Absolutely certain that he alone is correct in all decisions, Clarence Day Senior is forever running afoul of his beloved wife Vinnie's scatterbrained logic, his boys' funny forays into growing up, visiting relatives, and terrified servants. When a conversation reveals that he has never been baptized, Clarence laughs the matter off-but Vinnie is determined that he will be baptized whether he likes it or not! Comic battle-lines are drawn, and the result is a hilariously amusing portrait of Victorian manners and attitudes about everything from religion to the place of women in the world.  As always, admission is free, refreshments are served, and the company is delightful!

Emmanuel News Flash

  • Join the Emmanuel Virtual Labyrinth Community.

    Walk the virtual labyrinth on the first and third

    Sundays at twelve noon in the Parish Hall.

    Learn how to make your own virtual labyrinth

    The second Saturday from 11-1pm 

  • Offering envelopes are available in the courtyard after Sunday services. If you need envelopes, you can also request them there!
  • We have a lost and found. If you have something lost that you want found, come and check out our box in the office. It might be there!

  Photo of the Week

A group of us had the opportunity to celebrate Epiphany at Epiphany (our sister church in East Los Angeles). Here we were singing "We are Marching in the Light of Christ" along with the congregation of Epiphany. What a gift to be part of their wonderful community!

Here's a link to all the pictures! Epiphany Celebration




Author Marty Brounstein - A Story of Courage in Holocaust

January 18




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