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February 5, 2015
 Dear   ,    
Workers in the vineyard 
Singers in the hall
Good times are unfolding
For the folks of Emmanuel

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn+

Bob Bennett at Emmanuel

Bob Bennett, an internationally known Christian singer songwriter, will be playing at Emmanuel after the Shrove Tuesday dinner on February 17. Through a friend of Suzanne Kaisch, we were extremely fortunate enough to be able to invite him to come to Emmanuel. Here is a little background from his website:

Bob was born in Downey, California, in 1955. He picked up his first guitar at age nine and formed a rock 'n' roll band in high school. In the late seventies he converted to Christianity and his songwriting began to reflect his newfound faith. His career was launched with the release of his 1979 folk-style debut recording First Things First. Three years later came Matters of the Heart, a recording Contemporary Christian Music Magazine voted 1982's "Album of the Year," ranking it among the top 20 contemporary Christian albums of all time. Soon after the release of his next recording, Non-Fiction, he served as opening act on Amy Grant's Unguarded tour. Lord of the Past: A Compilation followed, with its title song reaching number one on the Christian radio charts in early 1990, followed by his second number one song, "Yours Alone." Later that year Bob joined Michael Card on his The Way of Wisdom tour, performing in front of sold-out audiences across the country. Songs from Bright Avenue was released in 1991, a collection of songs he wrote while struggling with the dissolution of his marriage. The years that followed were a time of emotional healing, regrouping and moving forward with his life. Recently, Bob has found acceptance in the mainstream folk music scene, while performing in music clubs near his home in Southern California.
Adventures in the Vineyard

Last Friday, the vineyard adventure began. As you may have noticed, under the watchful eye of our master gardeners, Lorra and Gordon Dickinson, the work of planting a vineyard has begun. The Dickinsons rented a digger/scraper and then their good friend and mentor, David Zimmer arrived on the scene. David has years of experience growing grapes and volunteered his time to come to Emmanuel from his home in Temecula to plow, level and prepare the north forty for the 100 vines that will soon be planted there.  It was a long day's work. Howard Minkley worked hard that day too, trimming the large trees and bushes that were growing into the area designated for the vineyard. Soon posts and wires for training the vines will be installed and finally 50 Merlot vines and 50 Zinfandel vines will be planted. 


This Sunday, vines can be purchased for $5.00 
each. You may give them as a memorial or thanksgiving for someone in your life or for yourself. Each vine will be labeled with a tag with the person's name on it. You are invited to visit your vine, watch it as it grows, talk to it, encourage it and take delight in it. If you are interested in making a donation, see Lorra on the patio after the services on Sunday

  Photo of the Week

Past and Present

Fr. Rob's daughter Annie (an Emmanuel church and preschool alumna) was captured in this past and present shot during a recent cleaning/sorting adventure in her grandmother's home. Annie will be doing a concert at Emmanuel in the near future. Details to follow!



February 17
Edwards Hall
Concert: 7pm


Saturdays at 9am in Havermale Hall.



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