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February 12, 2015
 Dear   ,    
This Sunday is the Last Sunday After Epiphany. Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are right around the corner. Check out the news!

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn+

What in the World is 
Shrove Tuesday?

The day before Ash Wednesday is called Shrove Tuesday. The name is derived from the old English verb "to shrive" which means to confess one's sins and to be absolved. Traditionally in the church Shrove Tuesday was a day before the beginning of Lent when confessions were heard. This day is also commonly known as "Mardi Gras" or "Fat Tuesday". Because Lent began the next day, a season when, as a spiritual discipline, rich foods were often given up, it became a day to consume all the animal fat in the house. It also became a day of celebration and indulgence before the discipline of Lent began.


For many years it has been the Anglican tradition to celebrate Shrove Tuesday by having a pancake supper. This year on February 17th at 6pm, we will be having the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake supper here at Emmanuel. There will be pancakes and sausage, fruit, juice, and coffee. 


Afterwards we will make a musical procession out to bury "Hallelujah" as a reminder that Lent is coming and that there are seasons in our life when Hallelujah seems to have gone underground. Then we'll move into the sanctuary for some thoughtful and beautiful music from singer-songwriter Bob Bennett. What an awesome night it will be. You won't want to miss it. I suspect people will be talking about it for weeks to come!


And What About
Ash Wednesday?
Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday, the first of the forty days of the season of Lent, is named for the custom of placing blessed ashes on the foreheads of those who attend Ash Wednesday services. The ashes are a sign of penitence and a reminder that we are mortal beings. The Old Testament frequently mentions the use of ashes as an expression of penitence and sorrow for sins. The ashes that are used on Ash Wednesday are made from burned palms from the previous Palm Sunday services.


Ash Wednesday services will be held here at Emmanuel on February 18 at 7am, 10am, and 7:00pm. Come and experience this very profound service. It is a wonderful way to begin our Lenten journey together.

Bob Bennett at Emmanuel

Bob Bennett, an internationally known Christian singer songwriter, will be playing at Emmanuel after the Shrove Tuesday dinner on February 17. Through a friend of Suzanne Kaisch, we were extremely fortunate enough to be able to invite him to come to Emmanuel. A free will offering will be taken and CDs will be available for autographing! Bob will be playing in the church at 7pm.
  Photo of the Week

Heritage Square Heroes

We had a great and grateful group that joined Ron Suich's Tours by Emmanuel on a trip to Heritage Square. A big THANK YOU to the Jenson/Robinson team of Chris, Karen, Kitty, and Christopher for the support, education, and inspiration they provided the group!



February 17
Edwards Hall
Concert: 7pm

February 18


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