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February 26, 2015
 Dear   ,    
Tonight we begin our Lenten adventure of discovering (or rediscovering) our spiritual gifts and celebrating the beautiful ways in which these gifts have given life to particular Emmanuelites. Read on to find out who's up for tonight!

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob & Mo. Lyn+

Ministry Mojo
The Secret of Doing What You Love

This week's speaker is Amy Kremer. One of Amy's passions as a teacher is creating a climate within her college classroom where people of different abilities, backgrounds, and opinions can share in an atmosphere of respect and consideration. Come hear some of her amazing stories and discover why she loves this calling with a passion! 

Tonight at 7:30pm in the SHACK room.


(P.S. There will be refreshments! Thanks, Lyla for putting this together!)




Our Lenten program is about spiritual gifts. At Emmanuel we encourage people to do ministry that gives them joy. We believe that if you are doing what you love to do, you are most likely using your spiritual gifts. Each week a person from the congregation will share what ministry they are excited about, how they recognized the call to that ministry, how they responded to the call, what people they reach with their ministry, and what the experience of doing what you love feels like. In addition, there will be some time of music and worship and a short teaching by either Fr. Rob or Mo. Lyn about the use of spiritual gifts. The program will include an opportunity to fill out a spiritual gifts inventory so that those who attend can learn what their own spiritual gifts are.


The dates for the class and the speakers are: 


Feb 26th Amy Kremer


March 5 Thom Babcock


March 12 Elizabeth Oates


March 19 Cheri Collin


March 26 Ron Suich




Sarah Kremer's Gold Award

Here is another Kremer who has been exercising her spiritual gifts! Sarah demonstrated beautiful expressions of creativity, vision and leadership in the fulfillment of her Gold Award--the highest achievement for a Girl Scout. Along with a team of helpers, she helped revitalize the playground and introduced several new spaces around Emmanuel--including a Music Center, Butterfly Garden, and Little Free Library.

 I highly recommend that you check out the rest of her project and enjoy the photo journal of her adventure at

Thank you, Sarah, for all your wonderful work!
Fr. Rob 
Here is a note from Sarah:

Many thanks to Preschool Director Nancy Shively, Father Rob, and Mother Lyn for giving me the opportunity to complete my Girl Scout Gold Award here at Emmanuel! My project involved creating special outdoor learning spaces for the preschool. To learn more, please visit my blog at
Many blessings,
Sarah Kremer


The Princess Bride

Join us at Emmanuel's movie night for "The Princess Bride" on Friday, February 27, at 6:30PM!  This offbeat fairy tale brings an intelligent mix of swashbuckling, romance, and comedy to a classic story of true love and high adventure.  Come and meet The Dread Pirate Roberts, climb the Cliffs of Insanity, find out why Inigo Montoya is looking for the Six-Fingered Man, and discover why "twoo wuv is what bwings us togeva".  As always, admission is free, the company is stellar, and snacks are provided! 


  Photo of the Week

Garden Gratitude

Gene Cantwell captured Warren Knape as the Gentleman Gardener surveying his produce. Thanks be to God for all who are working to help our land be beautiful and fruitful!



Discovering what you love!
Thursdays during Lent
Beginning with Feb 26
7:30pm in the SHACK

Princess Bride
Friday, Feb 27
6:30pm Havermale

Wednesday, March 4
7pm in the Sanctuary


Saturdays at 9am in Havermale Hall.



Parachute Group (support for those unemployed)

7pm Havermale Hall



10am: Prayer & Thanks

10:30am: Bible Study

11am: Communion



7am  Prayers and Communion

8am Breakfast at Coco's 



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