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February 11, 2016
Our Lenten journey has begun. Be sure to check out the Lenten Program and the wonderful offerings from our other clergy members. (They start next Thursday.)

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob+ and Mo. Lyn+

Lenten Invitation
From Our Presiding Bishop

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry invites us to a holy Lent. Click on the image above to watch this short video.

We are so blessed to have such devoted and talented clergy who call Emmanuel home. Come and receive the benefit of all their years of reflection and study as they share about an area dear to their hearts which will deepen your life in Christ.

Click here for a full size view of this poster: Lenten Series
News Flash
  • Big Need for Next Door Clergy!
    Fr. Juan Jimenez who is the Episcopal priest at St. Michael's in Anaheim is driving an old car that has a damaged transmission and can only go 35 mph. It will completely break down any day now. It would not be worth it to fix this particular transmission. Fr. Juan simply does not have the funds to buy a car. Does anyone know someone who is not using a car and would donate it for a tax write off? Please let Fr. Rob know.
  • Joe Cerrito will be running the LA Marathon this Sunday in full gear to raise awareness for the effort that is being done to work with the homeless in Los Angeles.

    If you are interested in supporting this ministry, checks can be written to LAHSA. (Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority. In memo write for Olympic HOPE Project. 

  • Two Ministry Needs
    A big "Thank you!" to Karen Jenson for her years of service as Hospitality Coordinator. We need a new Coordinator so we can continue to enjoy coffee hour together. Karen can provide the forms and names of people. The Coordinator puts together a schedule each quarter. Please let Karen, Fr. Rob, or Mo. Lyn know if you would like this ministry.
    [UPDATE: A big THANK YOU to Lyla Merrell who volunteered to provide refreshments during the Lenten series!]

Photo of the Week

Pray for Joe Cerrito an LAPD officer and member of our 8:15 service who will be running this Sunday in the LA Marathon to raise awareness for the homeless.

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