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 April 7, 2016
A wonderful greeting exchanged in some African churches during the Eucharist is "I love the face of Christ I see". What a beautiful celebration of the life of Jesus in one another! In this week's blurb we get to enjoy some of the beautiful faces of this congregation and get ready to show some of our faces at an annual Fullerton event. A great joy all the way around!

With love in Christ,
Fr. Rob+ and Mo. Lyn+

News Flash

  • Emmanuel Church and Preschool at Faces of Fullerton
    We have a wonderful opportunity to share the gift of Emmanuel with our surrounding community at the annual Faces of Fullerton event. We have a booth for the church and preschool there and Amy Kremer is coordinating the church portion of our presence. If you would be willing to come and help out, please contact her at The event is in the plaza near the Fullerton museum and will be on Saturday, April 9, from 10am until 3pm.
  • Outreach Meeting
    Dave Dunlap, our newly appointed Outreach Coordinator is calling a meeting for anybody who is interested in caring for people in our neighborhood and the world. The meeting will be held on Sunday April 10th at noon in the SHACK room. We will reflect on current areas of outreach, consider new possibilities, and allocate the funds that have already been collected and designated for outreach.
  • An Emmanuel Current Affairs Event
    Screening of the HBO documentary film, "Requiem for the Dead:  American Spring 2014"
    Thursday, April 21, 2016, SHACK room, 7 pm
    Access to the movie is being provided by Gary Scott.   Amy Kremer will moderate the discussion.
    This documentary movie presents footage from Facebook, Twitter and other social media, 911 calls and police file material, to put a human face on some of the estimated 8,000 individuals who died as a result of gun violence in America from March - June 2014.  After the movie, those who attend will have an opportunity for discussion.  Whatever your viewpoint on this part of American life, this movie provides context for what we might do to reduce gun violence deaths in the United States. 
    A note of caution:  This film contains content and crime-scene images that some - especially survivors of gun violence - may find disturbing. It should not be viewed by children under the age of 14 without adult supervision.

  • The New Ash Tree
     Have you seen the new ash tree? It is half the size of the old one but just as pretty and with less shade. Thank you to all who gave to help cover the cost of having the broken limbs removed - we have about half of the $1,200 cost paid for. If you would like to help with this unexpected cost for the garden please contact Gordon or Lorra.
    We have a few projects that we would like to have completed before the Fullerton Beautiful Tour on April 24. If you have a couple hours that you could spend in the garden let me know. None of it is hard work - it just needs to be done. Thanks to Bryan Reamer and Andy for their help last Saturday. They diligently placed wood chips on the community garden walkways. We have the wood chips to spread in the Children's Garden and in the 'weed area' beside the new storage hut in what is to become our orchard. The purpose of spreading the wood ships is to keep down weeds.
    We will host a Garden Market this Sunday. It will consist mostly of spring 'greens' with a few surprises.


Photos of the Week

I love the faces of Christ I see! During Easter season we'll be celebrating the faces of a number of our community who attended Holy Week and Easter services. Here, Nancy Kent, captured some wonderful Emmanuel faces after our 8:15 service. Beautiful!

April 9th 
10am to 3pm
Fullerton Plaza

April 10 at noon
SHACK room

Gun Violence
April 21 at 7pm
SHACK room


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10:30am: Bible Study
11am: Communion

7am  Prayers and Communion
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